October 18, 2021


Jardim Flamboyant Campinas


Elder Nelson


Holy crap Brasil is so cool the people here are sooooo awesome!!!! I arrived Friday morning from a 13 hour flight and am serving in Jardim Flamboyant Campinas. There was one other missionary that came to my mission with me that was from my MTC district. There are only 62 missionaries in my mission and we are the first 2 Americans since everyone was sent home. On the bus ride from the airport to the mission office we were freaking out like what on earth did we sign up for!!! Soooo fun! HA I met president Saucedo who is sooo cool, he doesn't speak English. The MTC missionary is living here as well so that is awesome. We live in a house with 6 elders!!! Its so fun we cover two wards I am in a quad with two Brasilians and Elder Haacke who was my MTC district! Its so cool we are fulllyyy in on Portuguese its crazy cool. I will be fluent before I know it hopefully. This will force me to learn the Language.

The member work here is insanely amazing they basically do the missionary work! The members love the gospel, love sharing it with their friends and anyone we introduce them to. People here are so nice I think at least. I can't understand anything. They are always laughing and happy people. Maybe they are laughing at me and my language skills.

We get fed literally every day it's awesome. The meals are full of laughing and super spiritual lessons. I loveeee Brasil!!!

Rains just about every night here a bunchhhhh. Got here Friday morning .

I wish someone could take a picture of Elder Haacke and I. In the middle of a lesson just to see how funny our faces look trying as hard as we can to stay awake and to understand!

Everyone is so grateful for what they have here. The people here who are living the best is like the united states worst. It's crazy. We went to a lesson with a member and we walked up a couple stairs and his house was two walls and a tarp going over it. He was so proud of it and kept saying my house is your house!

I'm so excited for this great adventure. I feel so grateful to be here and to be able to share this!

1. My doooopeeee comp
2. Freaking Brasil
3. First lunch
4. There is fruit trees all over the place you can eat off of! I hope...


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