October 11, 2021


Cal City


Elder Nelson

Tudo beeeemmm

Tudo beeeemmm! My Visa came last week and I am heading to Brazil on Thursday.

Last week I was not able to email but conference was freaking great and I made a whole bunch of waffles!

This week was super good we've been trying get our area all ready because I am leaving and my companion is finishing his mission!!! Crazyyyy! There will be three new missionaries here this week! It's very hard when you have all new missionaries come to an area. We have spent the week making as many voice recordings sharing everything about the area. We are receiving 37 new missionaries tomorrow and 32 next transfer. It is so cool seeing so many missionaries coming out in huge numbers.

We had the funniest thing happen. We had a lady ask us if we wanted some water. She went to grab us some water but grabbed her cane and literally put some devil horns on and she chased after us. I thought it was a joke at first so I stood there. My companion started booking it after I stood there for a second, she kept coming at me so I ran for my life.

I'm definitely going to miss this area the people are so awesome and I have seen miracles every day!
We've been so busy here going from lesson to lesson and helping out our friends as much as we can! I can't believe how quickly I got attached to an area and the awesome people!

1. Today I got to touch a windmill so that was freaking awesome!!!
2. Made some riiiibbbss


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