September 20, 2021


Cal City


Elder Nelson


Awesome week! This was really busy, we did two exchanges one Friday and one Saturday so, that was fun.

My companion and I found a whole bunch of people to teach! We invited 17 people to church on Sunday. That was super exciting we were going from lesson to lesson this whole week. Never been so tired but in a different way in my life. We found two big families of 6. Both are single moms with 5 or 6 kids crazyyyyy.

There are so many fires here right now we might get evacuated because of the smoke!

We found a race track that part of Ford vs Ferrari was filmed at I totally forgot to take a picture of it but there were some cars racing. They weren't very cool just old beater cars really unfortunate. We were on the other side of the fence and I raced the car that was on the track totally smoked the car. I was running so that tells you how fast the car was actually going.

Also this week is going to be awesome one of the 70s is coming to our mission and doing a devotional! And this weekend is a big event that is really under the radar only certain people are invited to it... it's a zombie apocalypse event the people come to cal city (where I'm serving) and dump a whole bunch of stuff to make sure the zombies don't come out of the ground and have a huge BBQ. They are all dressed up as mad max type end of the world stuff with crazy 4x4 cars. So I'm STOKED to see it hopefully my hopes aren't too high for it.

Sorry this is a very short email. Send me some questions that I can answer so I have more stuff to write about on the emails.
Love yall!!
1st exchange
2nd exchange we forgot to take a picture


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