September 13, 2021


Cal City


Elder Nelson


Greatest week ever!! I didn't talk about my companion and trainer last week. Elder Nelson is from Michigan and will finish his mission in 4 weeks. When I arrived I came in with 23 missionaries. They all had come from being in the MTC together. When I arrived in my connecting flight I came around the corner and saw all of these missionaries! I knew I was getting on the right flight! This is the most missionaries our mission has ever received! Our numbers are going back up. This is a temporary assignment for 2 of us the rest were called to this mission. I have already grown to love this area. A lot of the people who live here have moved here from Compton, LA area.

Tuesday I had my first exchange so that was really fun. The elder I was with showed me some great music so I've been JAMMING this week making myself some sweet breakfast to music dancing around the kitchen it's fantastic. Best songs so far two are tied one is called church by sam henshaw and the other one is amen by for kings and country.

I was able to go to the temple this week on Thursday it was a blast! We went to the Fresno one it was great! Basically every blessing of the week all happened that day it was amazing. First went to the temple then we ate at this burrito place. WOW IT WAS SO GOOD the burritos were 20x the size of me it was soooo good. Then I found out freeways end Then! That was crazy it said freeway ending in half a mile so I was on the edge of my seat to see what happens but it just turned into a road REALLLY disappointing but I got to see the end so it was fine. Then I get home to a huuuuuge rain storm it hasn't rained here in a year is what the locals said so I was dancing around in the rain skipped some rocks in the gutters it was a blast then and found a package on the door for me! Momma Woodward is the greatest I was finally able to see what my brothers have talked about over the years. They are the best boxes full of treats and toys I felt the a kid on Christmas but 10x happier. To finish the night off I had some Dino nuggets because that's the best way to finish off a good day and I found a mini Dino nugget!! It was so awesome I was so happy. To finish it off I gave my first blessing on the mission! That was so spiritual and amazing. That was on Saturday so had blessings this whole week freaking fantastic.

We have been having the opportunity to teach some amazing people. You realize how great of a life you come from. I has seen my greatest blessing is how great of a family I have. That is not a normal thing!

Love you all so much thank you for all your support and prayers I feel them every day!!

1. The great Dino nugget
2. The exchange day
3. The huuuuuggeee burrito
4. temple trip
5. The famous momma Woodward box
6. The storm coming in thought it looked cool
7. The freeway ending...
8. the temple
9. Elder Nelson
10. President and Sister Sandberg
12. All the missionaries I arrived with


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