September 6, 2021


Cal City



First week down!!

I told my brothers that giving my farewell was going to be the hardest part of my mission that was totally false, wow. First Sunday was hilarious. It is supposed to be a ward but when we arrived there were only 3 families total. My companion and I blessed and passed the sacrament, said the opening and closing prayer, and we bore our testimonies twice, yes twice! I died laughing. We bore our first ones and bishop gave us the look to go up again. My comp and I were like uhhh this feels illegal. He wanted us to do it so then we could inspire people to get up and share because no one was, it was so funny. We ended that sacrament 25 minutes early! Maybe it's just because it's labor day weekend. the funny thing was two of the three families were some of our friends that we invited to church. Hopefully they will come back again, haha.

This mission is so awesome. We are in the Mohave desert my mission area is Cal city. There are so many insane trails I want to take when I finish my mission. All the roads are crazy straight and cops do not pull you over ever but we have a TB so we have to go the speed limit. All good though.

I gave out my first book of Mormon to this super sweet lady the first day I was here. I was feeling pretty cool I guess you could say.

There are so many stories I already want to tell but I don't want to bore you to death so, I'll just do one more.
We were talking to one of our friends who is going to get baptized in a couple of weeks. The missionaries before set the date up so, we are just giving him some last lessons he needs before being baptized. We told him his wife can get baptized too so we invited him to ask her. He told us she made a cross with her fingers and said, "stay away Satan" we couldn't help but die laughing when he told us.

Our area is all section 8 housing and military base so the military base we can't go in because of covid so that's unfortunate. The section 8 housing couples have kids but they won't get married because they get paid from the government to be single and have kids so that is our biggest struggle converting people.

Love yall thank you for all your support

1 picture. This is from our backyard the sunsets are insane here

2 picture. We have some insane windmil farms over 10,000

3 picture. Found this one in some Google drive that gets passed around the mission it's by far my new favorite picture of christ

4 picture. There are little dirt bike jumps everywhere like this and you see kids doing insane tricks on them all day

5 picture. This is the top of the valley there is one member up there and he is insanely wealthy apparently so we go up there to "go talk to him" but really to just look at the view

6 picture. This is a weed farm cal city people PRIDE themselves in their weed this is the most successful weed farm in California its huge I couldn't get a good picture of it but those buildings go 8 rows deep

7 picture. This is the wealthy guy he is the only person who has grass in his yard in the whole valley that's how you show wealth here and he has a dually so we automatically connected

8 picture. This is our church way out there sorry this was a terrible picture but hopefully you can kind of see it haha


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