September 15, 2017


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Hey y'all!!!! Just preparing for Texas!!! Wow this week has been great but also challenging!!! Getting ready to go into the field is crazy and I feel a lot of weight on me!!! But it's overall been great!! So how's everyone doing?? I love getting all your emails and hearing about your weeks!!

Alright, so this week we have really started to focus on in-field training and becoming the best missionary possible! A little something that truly hit me was Elder Bednar gave a talk in 2014 where he talks about personal conversion and how we can't think that we can convert others without converting ourselves.... A topic that seems to be very important and is my importante!! I've honestly come to realize that putting our trust in the Lord means everything. As long as we trust Him and in His plan for each of us the blessings will come as we serve others. I often find myself thinking about home but quickly remind myself my purpose and the reason I want to be here. I want to bring people the happiness and joy that I have found through this gospel and just from being in the CCM. I've had to really rely and trust our Savior and Heavenly Father in many cases and have seen that when we do, the comfort we receive is immeasurable. Another thing this week was we had a devotional where we listened to a talk by Elder Holland...he is one of my favorite apostles because he is just so real and powerful. He talked about how everything good in our (missionary) lives comes through the portal of a mission. We learn to forgive, be humble, convert ourselves and others, and most of all grow to become the best people we can be (something I'm currently working on). But, it really hit me when he said that we have to find out where an investigator is in their life before we can expect to bring them to where we are. Without understanding the background of their lives or what is going on, it is much harder for us to help them if we don't know what to help them with. Elder Holland tells about when he was a missionary and just memorized the lessons so when they got into a lesson it was much like a recording. But how now it is more important to really know the knowledge and be confident that you do.

On another note, we leave for Texas on Wednesday and I couldn't be more excited and nervous!!! This is the real thing! I mean in the CCM you are there and learning but it's nothing like being in the field with real investigators searching for answers! But I am stoked. Right when we get there they take us to the Alamo and we begin looking for people to give Book of Mormons to. Crazy right??? I'm excited to be able to fall in love with the people of Texas and bring the love of Christ into their lives!! A story that constantly comes to mind when I think of missionary work is the story of Jesus talking to the disciples (specifically Peter) after they returned to fishing after his resurrection. Peter and the disciples are out fishing all night and don't catch anything all night. And when morning comes they have caught nothing they see a figure on the beach. He yells out to them saying, "cast your nets on the right side of the ship and you shall find much fish." Not knowing why or who this was, but having a rough night, they decide to follow his guidance. To their astonishment the catch is so great they are not able to pull it into the boat. At this moment John looks ashore to see the man and says, "it's Him." Peter hurriedly looks and noticing it is the Savior tells the others they can continue what they are doing but he is going In and jumps into the water. When they get there Jesus has made them breakfast and they get to talking. At one point Jesus turns to Peter and asks, "Peter do you love me?" Peter being confused by the question says, "yes Lord I love thee." This repeats 3 times. And on the last time Jesus says to Peter, "Peter do you love me?" And Peter says, "yes lord I do love thee. For you know all things so surely you know I love thee." And Jesus says, " then feed my sheep. Forget your nets, your ores, your boats, Everything which I have told thee and feed my sheep." Now I know this is a common story which is taught a lot but it stuck out to me when I heard this because it directly relates to missionary work. We leave for 2 years and teach people the gospel. We need to forget ourselves and everything at home that worries us and get to work. Putting our whole heart, soul, and mind into the work. I've learned so much from this story and i have seen that we need to have faith and forget ourselves in order to bring as many people as possible into this gospel. So we should continue to be missionaries all of our lives!! I love everyone and hope you are all doing great! Cant wait to get to Texas!!!!! Yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

Love, Elder Bretzing


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