September 6, 2017


Mexico MTC


Elder Port

Week 5

Wow week 4 over!!!!! It's is honestly so crazy to think about how fast this first month has already gone!!!! I feel like just yesterday I was saying goodbye to everyone and now I'm a month out!!! I love serving a mission! I didn't honestly know how I was gonna do with being away from home or the language/gospel. But, now that I'm here doing it I've grown so much and my love for this gospel has grown immensely!!! Its crazy because you would think Mexico is sunny and warm and tropical, but its really not... it is overcast all day and rains probably 70% of the week. We have massive rain storms big enough that they cover our whole neighborhood with water up to about 3 feet deep! Honestly I was amazed!!!!! I feel like I'm getting used to the food but then they bring out some crazy dish and I realize I just want some American food! I can't wait to get to Texas and have the best food! So the rumors are not true so far...instead of gaining 10 pounds here, I've lost 5!!! I'm so stoked! I do a little workout every night cause they give us an hour and a half of personal time and it's helped me to regain my weight and stay fit!! (I weigh about 183, there was a point I was 190) so I'm stoked!
We are teaching an "investigator" named Pedro. And even though it's not real, I can honestly feel the spirit strong when we teach him it's crazy!! The spirit is the real teacher and we are just the mouth pieces so it's amazing!! I really feel as though I'm learning so much faster than ever before thanks to the guidance and help of the spirit!! Being zone leader rocks!!!!! I check up on districts and deal with any problems in the zone that can't be handled by the district leaders! I've had the opportunity to give a couple priesthood blessings to sisters in our zone who were struggling with different things! It was awesome being able to prepare myself in a way that I could be guided by our Heavenly Father and the spirit in telling these great sisters what they needed to hear and how God sees them! It's funny because the sisters are actually the strongest ones in the district and are always being obedient so I'm glad I got the opportunity to work with them and learn from them! I've learned a lot about how leading is by example and others will follow you. So its honestly been such a blessing in my life to have the opportunity to be zone leader cause I've learned more about organization and just serving in general!! I hope everyone is doing good! I'll have times when something happens here and it reminds me of something at home!! Those are times when I really appreciate the people I associated myself with and for my friends and family...I have so much support! So thank you all for your prayers and support, I really do see the immense blessings it brings in my life and those around me!!

Scripture of the week, John 14:27, " Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."

This is so true!!!! As long as we rely on the Lord and put our faith in Him we will receive peace!! But not just ordinary peace, a piece that only comes from our Savoir! Our hearts will feel calm and have no torment!! I love this cause it helps me so much on days when everything seems so hard or when I'm home sick! Because I know I have nothing to fear when I'm playing on the Lords team! Love you all!!!

Love, Elder Bretzing


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