August 30, 2017


Mexico MTC


Elder Port

Week 4

Wow this week has been amazing!!! I've learned so much just from one week and it's crazy to think I'm on my fourth week in the CCM!! My companion and I have been practicing invade in case we want to sing in a devotional but if not we are just going to record it and send it home!!- so be ready for that when the time comes! Haha you guys would be amazed at the amount of rain they receive here and how much it down pours!! The thunder is louder than anything I've ever heard it is crazy!!! A cool little fact is that sometimes people say that you can here gun shots outside the wall at night so we asked presidente about the rumor and he said sometimes it's gun fire...but most of the time it is due to the fact that there are TONS of people in Mexico and 15 years of age here is a huge deal, so they are setting off fireworks to celebrate!! So i guess we are hearing tons of fireworks hear!
Something spiritual that happened this week was when our zone met up for a devotional by one of the outgoing missionaries and it was truly amazing!! He based his talk on a talk given by elder Holland titled , "the miracles of a mission", and I have never felt a talk reach out to me like this one did! (probably because I'm a missionary! Which is weird to say still!) Anyways it talks about how we were all called by God to do his work so we should not for one second think about going home! Any trails or doubts or anything negative Satan has ever put into my mind is just gone and overpowered by the words and feelings of one of our beloved prophets!! It can really reach out to anyone because it talks about how we are on the Lords team, and they never lose!! No matter the circumstance, if we have the Lord on our team, we can overcome and look to continually follow the promptings we receive from prayer/ the spirit. I think I've said this before but, being out here serving is such an amazing experience!! I've grown not only as a missionary but a person!! Plus I have learned to do my own laundry and make my bed!! (I know you're impressed mom;) I'm so grateful I can be out serving the lord and help the people around me grow at the same time!
So my companion and I taught priesthood this week since we are the zone leaders, and it was another one of the most spiritual experiences of my life! Even though we got the topic 30 minutes before, we were able to prepare a lesson and teach from the spirit! It is so much different that at home cause people actually want to participate!! Ugh I love the CCM so much!! I hope everything at home is doing well! Tell me about any new news! I love to hear about everything!
We sit all day and I'm getting sick of it! I can't wait to get to the field and get out in the real world!! I love you guys and I'm so proud of all you are doing!! Keep praying and reading everyday because it will truly bless your lives!! I've seen the many blessings of study and prayer and I can't wait to share that!! It was Elder Ports birthday yesterday so his mom sent a huge cake and it made me sick!! I have been eating dull food so much that sweet stuff hurts my stomach!! We are doing great and loving our call as zone leaders!! Agradezco a nuestro padre celestial para la oportunidad de servir a todos los días. y sé que no hay nada mejor que podría ser haciendo ahora mismo!! Totally used Google translate for some of that!!
If you have questions please ask!! It gives me something to tell you guys!! Love you!!!

Love, Elder Bretzing


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