August 23, 2017


Mexico MTC


Elder Port

Week Two

Hello Friends and Family. Jaxon has been gone for 2 weeks and doing great! Thanks for your support and your willingness to write him because he loves to hear from you! Continue to share your testimonies with him because he loves and needs your support! We are so grateful to so many of you for all you have done for Jaxon! We are truly blessed with wonderful family and friends! Have a great week!

Jaxon's Letter & Pictures:
Hey everyone!!! wow week 2 down!! this is crazy! It feels slow, but when is over it feels like it flew past! Something another missionary said has really showed these past 2 weeks... "the days feel like weeks, and the weeks feel like days!!!" Its so true!! I can't tell you how many times I've thought about how long it's gonna be, but then I look at it and honestly it is not that long at all!! We've had some really spiritual experiences here and I love it!! I've started marking my scriptures with tabs and its so fun! I have different tabs for different subjects and its so cool to see my scriptures fill up! My district has started to calm down which allows more of the spirit to come which is muy bueno! But it's pretty similar everyday but the things that happen with the spiritual side of things changes every day of course!!!

Our zone leaders talked to us tonight about making sure we are totally focused! We have times when we get side tracked so tonight we all promised to continue to get better! Elder Lytle is one of our zone leaders and he is probably one of my biggest heros! He is always so genuinely friendly and cares so much...I feel as if I've known him my whole life because he has influenced me so much and I love him! Also my Companion Elder Port and I talked and got everything out so now we are literally best friends and I always go to him in times of need when feeling home sick! I miss everyone so much and I hope you are all doing well! That's probably the weirdest thing for me because I was always the person who liked to know everything about everyone so now that I don't get to see or be's really crazy! But I love it here. I continue to grow and become better spiritually and mentally everyday! Physically I'm lacking.... but its okay. I mean mi companero and I are running every morning and then lifting so hopefully I can get back in shape!! I honestly just love everything so much and I read my patriarchal blessing almost everyday for comfort. It's amazing!! I love everything about it!!
I gonna start doing a scripture of the week, just something I come across that benefits me most that week! This week my scripture is Matthew 6:24, "no man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and live the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon."
This is just something that can really apply to everyone's lives. If we are serving false idols or care to much about worldly things, we will lose sight of what's important. If we focus on God and are always looking to serve him by serving our fellow beings, we can be blessed in ways immeasurable!

GUESS WHAT?!? So our zone leaders gave an amazing priesthood meeting on Sunday because it was their last day. As my companion and I were walking In, we got pulled aside by one of the presidents and he talked to us for a while until the other presidents got there, and then they asked us to be the new zone leaders! CRAZY RIGHT?? Anyways so we've been getting used to the whole calling for the past couple of days but I'm loving it! It has blessed me so much already! It has really helped me to feel the love of Christ so strong for my zone but every one here too! I just couldn't believe it because we thought for sure they would pull a district leader up to be zone leader but I guess not! I'm just so thankful for the opportunity I get to serve so many people here all the time now! It truly helps me to stay in the missionary mindset, making me watch my own actions carefully to line up with the rules and guidelines of the CCM to make sure I am leading by example 100% of the time!!

Today we finally get an actually P-day and I'm so excited!! We have tons of plans from studying in the morning, doing laundry, go send emails for a little bit, and then play sports and rest the rest of the day! Honestly these past 2 weeks have been amazing and even though there were some really tough times, turning to our God in prayer has brought me so much joy! I honestly love it here at the CCM and the immense blessings I have received here! I have definitely felt the spirit so strong! I love everyone at home so much and I'm so glad to here from you each week and what you guys are doing!! So, keep telling me about everything! It honestly helps me so much and keeps me in the loop!
Yo tengo tanto Amor por cada cuerpo y querer ustedes saber de este evangelio es verdad!! Adios!! (My Spanish is pretty bad, but trying to get better)!

I have attached some photos for you!
If you want to write me an email, here is my address:

Love, Elder Bretzing


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