August 17, 2017


Mexico MTC


Elder Port

MTC companion

Wow!! This first week had been so unreal! When we first got here it was so crazy!!! We got here and right away we were given our rooms and all the books we would need for the whole 6 weeks including 4 Spanish books and we started learning Spanish and the lessons right away. It was crazy because they give you really no time to adapt to the language they just start speaking it right away and you basically know nothing the first two days and you try to make out at least three words. When We got our companions and I got paired with Elder Port, the missionary from the airport that I walked through security with! Is made everything a lot better because we still talk about stuff from home to get to know about each other so it kind of still feels like home which is nice. The food here is not that great.... it definitely takes some getting used to because it is not pleasant to the eye and some of it tastes interesting but it's not to bad. I'm sending some pictures of the rooms we are in, they are pretty nice compared to some of the other options. There are four of us per room and I love everyone in mi casa. My district is the best! We are all so close and at least right now we all really like each other and have a fun time telling stories from our past to get to know everyone. There have been a lot of nights/ days where I miss home a lot or the mission feels so long and hard, but at those times I remember the feeling I had opening my mission call and how the spirit is so strong here and it softens my pains. Everyone here is super nice and it helps that no one speaks English other than my district because we are fully immersed in the cultural so learning the language comes a lot easier. So far we have learned to give lessons In Spanish and how to say prayers so id's going pretty well. At times need me and my companion get frustrated cause we have days where we don't understand anything when the day before we felt like we were almost fluent! Haha. The experiences that I have had here are so amazing! They make the trials of learning Spanish all worth it. I continually feel the spirit so strong here at the CCM. But In all honesty, this first week has felt longer than the last 4 years of my life!!!!!!!
The classes go all day basically so it kind of feels like school except we focus solely on language and the gospel. Sorry I jumping around, thinngs just come to mind because honestly so much happens every day. We play a lot of soccer which is so AWESOME!!! My district has 4 premier soccer players in it so when we play other districts we totally wreck. Also the elders like to play a lot of volleyball and we are pretty good at that too. It's just so fun being able to talk about the spirit with some great friends and also have some free time to play a little here and there. I want to here about home though!!! What's everyone up to? Kids sports? Kaden football and Easton plurethera of sports? What are your guys plans for the next week?! Dahlin married yet?

Just let know how everything is! Honestly I get so curious as to what you guys do throughout the day since I'm not there. Just curious.

Sunday's here are so amazing! All day today we just relaxed and went to sacrament and had an devotional which was so awesome because it was broadcast from Provo so I got a little sense of home! We had our interviews today and they were super good. We got to meet with one of our advisors just to talk about the CCM experience and to make sure we are worthy which of course was no issue!! Haha. But we got a lot of personal study time which was great to remember the baptism invitation in Spanish along with our missionary objective! We had a lot of meetings today on different things but I got a lot of really good scriptures out of it so I guess it was okay;) I'm loving my companion so much and its so great to be able to just talk but also study with someone so spiritually strong! I hope you guys are keeping up with family and personal reading/ praying cause it really does change the out look of your day!

Not sure if you guys want to know much else. I'll send some pictures and a video or two separate from this email. If you have questions just ask and I'll answer them in next week's letter for sure!! I miss mi familia tanto. So please email cause is love to here from you all. is where you can send packages or letters to me here and it ensures it gets here the same day cause it's local here in Mexico. So if you want to send a letter or package go there!!

The spirit is so strong and I just want to share some little things from this last week that I've learned....
First a great quote that presidente stapley shared, " If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it. Anything you want to do, do it. If you want to change the world there's nothing to it."
Then a great story I want you guys to look up that was shared by my zone leader Elder Lytle called, Footprints In The Sand. It talks of Christ and his influence throughout our lives and the trails we face. I know this church is true worth all my heart!!! At times it is hard, but I know It'll be all worth it in the end as long as we look to our padre celestial to guide and help us through difficult times. I love all of you so much and I can't wait to continue to grow and share this gospel.

Baptismal Invitation: seguira el ejemplo De Jesucristo al ser bautizado. Por alguien que posea la autoridad del sacerdocio de dios. El (fecha) tendremos un servicio bautismal. Se preparara para ser bautismal ese dia?

El evangelio es muy verdado y puede recibir mucho bendiciones mediante fiel obediencia!!!

Love, Elder Bretzing


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