August 13, 2018


Del Rio, Texas


Elder Kennerley


Hello Everyone! Del Rio is still amazing and I am loving it. Elder Kennerley is doing great and we are seriously loving it here in Del Rio! The end of the transfer is this coming week so that is always exciting and full of surprises! I am still loving being a ZONE leader! Some days are definitely harder than others trust me.... but i try my best each day and i know without a doubt that up to this point i can say that i have given it my all and that is truly what is important to me!
My week has been great! We had a really cool experience this week with a kid name Leonardo. He had the opportunity to go to EFY in Mexico, even though he is not a member. When he got back, we were contacted by a woman telling us about Leonardo's experience at EFY and how much he loved it and she told us to get in contact with him at the beginning of August. We contacted him, but at the time he was busy and said that he would call us back another time. We waited about a day or two when Elder Kennerley and McCoy were at the church (we were on exchanges) and they get a knock at the family history center door. When they open it, Leonardo is standing there and said that he wants to "start going to church here" and wanted to make sure that was okay. They of course said yes and proceeded to give him and his mom a chapel tour explaining a little bit about how things work. The crazy thing was that Leonardo told the elders that he had opened this door that was closed, but immediately after he walked in it locked behind him and his mom couldn't get it. He then proceeded to let her in and find the elders. It is such a miracle that he was able to get into the church and find the elders in the family history center. The promise is real that the prepared will walk into the church ready to be taught as long as we are doing what we have been asked to do (HA).
Missionary work is great! We have the opportunity to have a baptism this Thursday for Taira and we are seriously so stoked! She is ready to be baptized and i know that she is going to do great! It has been a little bit of a hassle trying to schedule the baptism though because everyone in the Branch has things going on and the Branch President keeps telling us to change it when we set a date. But we are pretty sure that Thursday is going to stick and that she will be able to get baptized! I just love the feeling of being able to see someone take that step and be baptized! The work is really moving along here in Del Rio and i am truly grateful for the time i have been able to spend here! I hope that i can spend a little more time but i guess we will find that out next week! It truly is a great day to be a missionary and i love the fact that i get to serve my Savior each and every day to just give back not even a speck of what He has given to me! Thanks for everything and i hope you have an outstanding week!

Elder Bretzing


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