August 8, 2018


Del Rio, Texas


Elder Kennerley

August is HOT!!

Hello everyone! All I can say is that August is so HOT in Texas! Thank goodness for AC!!
We had the chance to drive up to Zone Conference last week on Monday and stay with the Assistants in their apartment that night before Zone Conference the next day! On Tuesday we woke up at around 5 and started to get ready because there were 8 of us that need to get ready before 7.... So yeah that was the worst! I still don't think i have gotten used to Texas time so 5 o'clock feels like 4 o'clock to me! But Zone Conference was super good and i seriously love going to meetings and being around a ton of missionaries! Sometimes it is hard not seeing any other missionaries other than my companion for weeks on end, so when we all get together it is good to see that i have a whole family behind me!
We have been able to stay in contact with Taira a lot this week and talk about her baptismal date which is coming up next week! We aren't sure if we are going to be able to get all the lessons done in time, so if not, we are going to maybe just move it back a week so that we can and get her in for an interview with our district leader! She is doing great though and loves the gospel and all the people at church! We are hoping that by getting her baptized, it could open the gate for her family to become interested and have some desire to know what she is going to be doing!
We are really close with setting Tayna, who is the sister of a recent convert, on a date as well! She has been sick this last week so we haven't really been able to meet with her, but she has been keeping in contact through text and so we know that once she feels better things are going to start picking back up again! She is great and we are getting really excited for her! Like i said, it really wasn't a very eventful week! The biggest thing that happened was that we went up to Zone Conference. We were able to help this older lady in our branch to help set up a stealth camera for her back door because someone is trying to get into her house at night... creepy right! I got goosebumps just thinking about it when she told us! Anyways, who would've known that working at ROI for the GSM campaign would have come in handy on my mission! I was able to program the camera to do exactly what she wanted and even mounted it into the tree so that it wasn't just in plan sight for the person to see! It was fun to talk to sister hill because she is super lonely and just LOVES having us over! She is like my little mission grandma right now since i have been in this area for almost 4 months! We have a great time going over and talking with her and try to make it out to her house about once a week when possible!
We also had the chance to visit another elderly lady in a resting home whose name is Sister Locke! She is 93 and is still a champ! She walks us to the Sun Room that they have there and we sit and talk usually for about 45 minutes! It is funny because i think sometimes people think that missionary work is always walking around and knocking on doors or being in a set lesson with an investigator, but sometimes we get assignments from the branch to help support and build up the members! When we are able to help a less active member return to church, or to help someone who may not be able to come to church feel the spirit of the gospel in the home, it is the same success that comes as if we were out teaching someone that doesnt even know about the gospel! Heavenly Father loves ALL his children! Not just the ones without the gospel! It is great as i have progressed throughout this past year and have been able to look back and realize where i have needed and still need to improve! I have a long way to go and ill be the first to tell you that, but by small and simple means great things come to pass! I hope that we can all continue to look for opportunities to serve one another and to extend a helping hand when others are in need! Just as it states in Mosiah 2:17, "When ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God". I love that and that is something that has really struck home with me for the past couple months! I love you so much and I am so grateful for the love and support that you give me every day no matter what! Thanks for always being there and for being such a strong anchor for our family! I love you tons and i hope that you have the best week ever! it surely is a great day to be a missionary! haha

Elder Bretzing!


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