June 20, 2018


Del Rio, Texas


Elder Toone


This week has definitely been amazing.... WOW! Um the Baptisms were AMAZING! HOLY COW! having the opportunity to baptize and then also confirm Timathy a member of the church and give him the Holy Ghost is something that i am never going to forget! I love this gospel SOOOO MUCH!!! Like i had no idea how amazing it was until the mission! The promises that we have through living up to the covenants we make and commandments we have been given is truly amazing! Like holy cow! It is so amazing! I have the opportunity to see families who are just starting to experience this for themselves and as they get so excited with the fact that they can get sealed in the temple for time and eternity as a family! That is literally so amazing and they follow through with the small and simple commitments that we give them to start growing into the attribute of obedience. We also help to set up a party for a family that is moving to Florida (because he is in the Air Force) on Friday and it was a huge success! About 350 people showed up to this guys party and they mostly not members! He invited his whole staff at work (Since he is the Colonel over there on the base which is basically the boss) and it was amazing that we were able to be there and meet so many non members to get there first introduction with the church and missionaries! Wow the gospel is so true! I love it! I hope if nothing else that you know that i truly love our Savior Jesus Christ so much and am so grateful for the atonement! It is an amazing opportunity to be able to repent and use it to become perfect each week as we take the sacrament! Sometimes we think that after we are baptized is the time when we will be the cleanest in our lives, but we can be that clean as we take the sacrament each week and renew our covenants with God, repenting of all our wrong doings that week! I just love it! This week has been one to remember and I am looking forward to the many that i will have in this next year of my mission! It will be weird to see Elder Toone go home here in about 2 weeks, but i am excited to keep serving the Lord and helping as many as i can come unto Christ in any and all ways!

I love you mom and am so grateful for your example! It truly picks me up and carries me along at times when i may feel alone or as though i cannot push forward! Thanks for always being there for me and helping me to accomplish the things that you, I, and our Heavenly Father know that I can accomplish! I hope all is going well with the family!


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