February 20, 2018


Rockdale, Texas


Elder Toone

Zone conference

Hello Mom!
This week has been pretty normal again! We had some fun times though so I will share a few!
To start off, on Wednesday we started our 2 day exchange with the Zone Leaders and it went really well. I went to George Town with Elder Smart, and Elder Toone stayed in Rockdale with Elder Reed! As the exchange went out we talked about needs in the District and some things that I may have seen that we could work on! The Funny thing is that the Zone Leaders are in my district, so we talked about their area and also the Taylor area! It was great to get Elder Smarts point of view in how we can improve and become the best we can be! It was great! We had the exchange until Friday when we exchanged back at Zone Conference!
Second, Zone Conference! Zone Conference went so well! Something fun is that I got asked to put together a group of 4 Elders and sing "Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy"! It was so good and really fun! Everyone said we did good which always makes me feel better! After that, we then started with trainings from President and Sister Polley, Elder Smart, and Elder Webb (my trainer)! It was so good! Something that President Polley trained on is "the lower light", which is why he asked that we sing "Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy"! He talked about the lower light and compared it to a boat port! How they have the lighthouse but that just guides them to shore. But, there could be obstacles in the water which are unseen like rocks, or a sand bar! So, the port will put out another lower light that when you line the two up, Lighthouse and the lower light, you will be guided straight into the port without wrecking our being in danger! It was so good and really helped me to realize how we can think of ourselves as the "lower light" and the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the Lighthouse! We are the "lower lights" that help people follow the gospel and Jesus Christ! We may be able to see or know of the gospel, but if we don't have something guiding us or helping us along the way, it is nearly impossible to dodge all the obstacles in the water that Satan puts in our path! I truly loved his training!
Third, We had Branch Conference yesterday and it was good! President Daniels of our branch spoke and shared his story! He told about his family and how they are ALL inactive including his wife! He talks about how we can all be missionaries and we need to listen to the spiritual impressions when we receive them on behalf of missionary work or really anything! He told how one Christmas instead of getting a gift from any of his kids or wife he told them that he had already gotten his gift and that they would see it at Christmas! He then tells how he gave them all a Book of Mormon for Christmas gifts and their gifts to him would be to read it and to give him an eternal family! It was so good and the spirit was really strong! Afterwards, they do something here in Texas that they call a Linger-longer! It is where tons of people bring finger foods and after the block of church, they stick around for about an hour and eat the finger foods while getting to know each other better and converse! It was fun and the food was really good! I love Texas because of the little ideas they come up with that really grow the member relationships! So cool!
Then, later that night we met at the Treuters house and met their non-member friends and had a little discussion with them about missionary work and how it all works! It was great and we all had a great time! They ended it with a dance party for the little kids and it was really fun to see them have a good time! So glad I am able to know such great people here in Rockdale and Cameron! But overall it was a great week and the work continues to hasten! I love my mission more and more each day and it has blessed my life so much! I continue to see places where I need improvement and hope to better myself each and every day! I'm grateful for all the examples I have at home to look to when I need help! I love you all so much and I am so grateful for all you do for me!
Every day is a great day to be a missionary (that's for all my THS family...HA)!
Love: Elder Bretzing


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