February 13, 2018


Rockdale, Texas


Elder Toone

Serving old folks

Hello Everyone!

Sounds like a good time at Grandmas house! I am glad I have not been forgotten yet! I used to love when we would get together as a family because that is where I would always figure out all my inside scoops as well as talking! I LOVE to talk to my cousins and family! It is great that everyone loves to be together so much and that the family is so close! I hope our family is always like that because it really supports a good environment for the gospel and the key principles to grow!

I loved the story you shared from conference about the boat and needing water! I love how it talks about choice! That is something we teach a lot out here in the field! We had a video call with an investigator last night and a couple nights before that! She has been struggling with her family and other things. Her son is struggling with some school friends and problems and then her daughter is having "girl troubles" which is exactly how she referred to it! Well she has also been having trouble at work, so the other night when we called her I shared a scripture with her from Alma 36:3 and it talks about how when we trust in the Lord, he supports us in our trials, challenges, and tribulations. Well, we told her that she might have struggles and when she has faith in our Heavenly Father, it doesn't necessarily mean that we won't have trials or challenges, but rather we will be supported! Our Heavenly Father never gives us something that He knows we can't handle! I saw a quote that really stuck out to me this past month. It says, "When we can feel God supporting us in our trials, it is because He knows that we are in need of help. But when we think God isn't there for us or we can't feel his presence, it is because he knows we are strong enough to handle it ourselves!" I know it can sound kind of harsh, but to me it is really peaceful because it helps me realize that our Heavenly Father knows us better than we may know ourselves! It has helped a lot in this area because it can be a little slow at times but then I realize that He has put me here for a reason so that I can learn the things He needs me to learn not just for my mission, but for my life! So I have really enjoyed it here in Rockdale! I am more than grateful for this chance to serve the lord!

I also loved your story about the dad of Sister Bangerter and how her dad just left when she was 7(not the cool part) but then when he was 90 years old, calls and tells her that he is getting baptized due to two missionaries who were following the promptings of the Lord! I love that and can truly relate to this story with so many of my experiences here in the mission. These missionaries probably never knew that this old man's baptism would affect his family and bring them back together! What a cool story! I loved it!

I love you Mom and I am glad for the example that I have in you and dad! I will continue to try and work my hardest! We had the opportunity to do a lot service this week and especially at an old folks home playing Bingo! It was so fun to talk to all the people and hear their stories! They got interested in who we were this last time and we got the chance to tell them all about missionary work and how we are all around the world! We talked a little bit about how missions are organized and that we have the chance to be serving! It is totally voluntary and they all thought that was the coolest thing ever! So hopefully we will get to share the gospel with these people. I would love to see them join the church. Mostly all that happened this week is helping Holly, our new convert, with some issues she has been facing and then with the old folks! I am sorry this week is a little boring!

My companion is really cool! He really likes to be in charge and have things his way, so this transfer has been a lot of patience and working on not always being in charge! It has been nice and I have learned a lot about how I can improve for the mission and also, my life. I love the mission and I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be serving my Father in Heaven and to be a tool in the Lord's work! The district is great and I was able to do an exchange with one of the missionaries this past week which really helped me refuel my fire! He was so into the mission and it helped me realize the blessing it is to be here and to really give me that drive all over again!
I love you mom and I am thankful that I have you to email each week! Thank you for all you do and I love you tons! Have an amazing week and email me if you need anything else like, questions, details, or whatever you want!
I love you...Have an amazing week! Happy Valentines Day!

Elder Bretzing


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