February 2, 2018


Rockdale, Texas


Elder Smith

Hey Ya’lll

Hello y'all!!!!!! Week 1 in Rockdale complete!!!
A funny experience this week was when we were out contacting and just looking for people in our area book. We found a house that said someone was living there from the church. We went up and knocked and waited a little bit until a lady answered the door. We told her why were there and that we were looking for someone from our church. She was not happy...... These are her exact words. "They don't live here anymore and I'm sick of you guys coming over. You're not suppose to be alone with a woman in your church so you are breaking the rules, plus I have a no trespassing sign so get off my property..... Bye" Then she slammed the door. Seriously...we were just wanting to know if those people were there! But oh well can't please everyone right? Boy...did I want to scream, but we are not supposed to fight with people so we just left and marked her down as never contact again....Sad for her.

Going back to my previous statement about the cat...... WE LIVE ON A FARM!! It is so cool but is still could never do it! I want to love in the suburbs! But yeah we have our own little house next to the lady in the ward who owns the property. She has her house maybe 50 yards from ours and then it's us! I'll totally send a video it's awesome! We have a gate and no joke...50 cows greet us as we drive in every time! When we pull in at night we can see the wild hogs, which everyone here HATES!! A guy offered to let us come and hunt them with funny! Probably not the best P day activity :))

I am in another branch out here. Literally about 50 people came to church yesterday so it's even smaller than Elgin! But it's fun because you get to know everyone really well! Oh I almost forgot that I had my second baptism yesterday! We taught a lady on Friday named Holly who has been progressing towards baptism and we actually got to baptize her on Sunday! How awesome right?? Oh man I just love it! The baptism was so spiritual and it meant just as much to me as Damians did! That is another soul saved and all throughout the day Holly was texting us thanking us for bringing so much peace into her life! It truly was so special and I'm glad that I have the opportunity to see the work hastening along! I have been so blessed for the past 6 months and I can't wait for the next 18 months! I get to continue this great work! My parents came down to Texas San Antonio for my dad's & aunts 50th birthday.... How crazy right? Don't worry I didn't see them cause of course I am in the farthest area away from San Antonio thanks to the lord knowing I needed to be far away! But it was cool to see their pictures in front of the temple and at the mission home!! They met my new branch mission leader at the temple so that tells you how close they were! It was fun to hear all about my dad's 50th birthday and to see how happy he and my mom are! They are such great examples to me! Its been great being here in Rockdale and I already love it! Sorry for the small email but I've only had about 4 days here........ I'll do better next week! Love you all!

Elder Bretzing


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