January 23, 2018


Elgin, Texas


Elder Smith

168 Days and counting...

Hello Everyone! Just thought I would add the number of days he has been out in the mission field! Crazy, right? Enjoy the letter and thanks for your continued support! We love you all...

Hello! I did have a pretty good week but I also found out I am transferring to another area..... But oh well! I'm glad I have this opportunity to grow and to become the best that I can be in serving the lord! FYI, I got called to be a district leader in my next area so that will be an exciting new adventure! I am really nervous but I know it will all work out! I love this area so much and it's going to be very hard to leave. I am moving further away from the mission home so it's kinda scary - and to know that I will be leading other missionaries makes me so nervous. But I guess I will put my trust in the Lord and with faith I will work hard and serve the best I can. I absolutely love my mission and love the members out here in Texas!

"It's a great day to SERVE a T-Wolf"...only you would come up with a phrase like that! So funny! Man do I miss high school - a little! The good old days! I heard dad's birthday was pretty exciting! You're so amazing for doing all that for him! I didn't mean to make him cry with my video but I'm glad he liked it! He truly is such a great example to me and I love that guy! I miss you all soooo much!! Sad I had to miss the big 50.... But I'll be there for the bug 52!! (Haha) I know that all us boys love love love our dad!
I heard Kaden is pretty dang good at wrestling! I want to see the rest of his matches so you should record them! That is so great that Easton is loving basketball! I hope dahlin is doing better and figuring his life out!

You asked me to tell you my feelings about Trek so you could use them in your talk this Wednesday at the fireside...
I LOVE TREK!!! I want to go again so bad! Maybe when I'm older! Trek has always been such a powerful thing to me! As I look back to when I went on trek and the trials we had to face it makes me appreciate the fact that we only went for a week and their journey was over 100 days! I am so grateful for the sacrifice made on my behalf so that we could have the land that we do today and live where we do! Trek is so special and really helped me grow in my testimony by showing me how to work hard and rely on the lord for the rest! My dad always says, "work like everything depends on you, and pray like everything depends on the lord." That really hit me when I think of trek and I think of the hard work and the sweat and tears that were shed! As I watched my mom pull that cart up the hill during the women's pull I was mad at the fact I was not allowed to help, but it made me appreciate all she does for me and the example she has been! Always giving her best and relying on the lord for the rest! So if I were to take something from trek it would be 1. Love the people in your lives especially your parents because they do so much. It gave me a huge respect for mine as I watched how they led our trek family! And 2. It would be to realize that we aren't perfect, but when we try our best and give all our efforts to the lord, he ALWAYS makes up for the rest! That's what I love about trek! It was so amazing and I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Hopefully that is good enough! I love you tons and pray for all of you every night! Thanks for all you do. Have a great week and continue to read the Book of Mormon every day!


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