January 17, 2018


Elgin, Texas


Elder Smith

Almost 6 months...Wow!

Hello family! I heard Kaden did super good in wrestling but went against someone really wrestlers! Tell him to keep it his head up and kill it out on the mat! I'm glad Easton is having fun and just doing all sorts of sports! That is awesome! That is so cool that Dahlin is hanging out with Whitney! Tell her hello from me would you?
I always get notifications when anyone posts in the ward Facebook page so it is cool to see how the ward is doing and all the activities you guys are up too! I bet you see some pretty humbling situations being young women's president! There are a lot more needs than one might think in every ward! People just ride through life not realizing those around them that could use service or are in need of a friend! I wish I would've been better at searching out those who were in need while I was at home! Trust me you are definitely enough! There is no other person who could do half the things that you do for the young woman!
We really are blessed for the amazing family we have! On my mission I have seen many broken homes, families, and much more and it is sad to me when I think back to my family and compared to them, we were an awesome family! It is such a blessing to have the gospel and see the many things that we are able to achieve because of the knowledge we have and the atmosphere of love we grew up in!

I love those quotes from conference and how they talk about the need to always be searching for those lost battalions! There are many people who don't understand or have lost their way. If only we could recognize their circumstances and reach out a helping hand, think of all the lives we could touch! There is a story from my mission where in my last area I was really close with one of the youth! He was really into soccer and we would talk about soccer a ton. As I watched him on Sundays and in mutual settings, it was amazing to see the influence he had on the rest of the youth in the ward! Little did we know that he himself was having difficulties about whether or not to serve a mission. When I found this out, I made it my goal to not only help him want to serve a mission but recognize the importance of it. As we would talk I would tell him that missions can be hard but that through it all, it is sooo worth it to come out and serve. We would talk about how the gospel not only blessed my spiritual well-being but also my athletics. It helped me in soccer to become my personal best. I really loved this kid as we would talk and just open up. About 3 weeks after transferring out of the area I find out he is getting his patriarchal blessing so he can start his mission papers! I have never been so happy as someone I had come to love realized that he could bless so many lives. Little did I know that he blessed mine and helped me to have a drive to stay on my mission. The reason I feel that I am out here is to find people like this. Who I can connect with and grow to have an amazing relationship with. I LOVE PEOPLE! This is one of the many little situations where I have felt the power of the gospel and reaching out to the one in my mission!

I love you all so much and I wouldn't be out here if it weren't for the amazing family and friends I have back home cheering me on! Honestly my week hasn't been to exciting but I do have a video for you all which is fun! I went to lake Austin again this week for exchanges and I got to see my favorite little girl Alondra! She is my favorite! We are teaching another little girl right now named Suzie and she LOVES to show me all her pictures and new things every time we go over! I guess kids just like me because I'm like my dad..... Just a really big kid!! (HaHa) We are hoping to extend an invitation to Suzie to be baptized this week and set her on a that is super exciting! The branch is really starting to get going on accompanying us on visits which is nice because it is a focus from our mission president to increase those in order to have more baptisms and less actives return! I'm doing pretty great actually!
I love you tons! Thank you for your example to me and helping me realize how important the work out here is! I look forward to my emails each week because they are always uplifting and bring me so much peace and self confidence! It definitely can be hard out here being away.... But I know there is no other place I need to be right now than here serving the lord in Texas! I love how president Monson never postponed a prompting! I have promised to try my best to keep my commitments and always listen to the spirit! Love you lots and hope all is well at home! Stay safe please!!!! And have another great week! You're example really is amazing...Love you!

Elder Bretzing


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