January 2, 2018


Elgin, Texas


Elder Smith

New Years Day 2018

This week has not been to interesting in reality...But there are a couple of fun little things that happened so I guess I can share those!
On Saturday Elder Smith and I didn't have any dinner plans, so for our 1 hour block we ran over to Texas Roadhouse and had a good dinner! Ah man it's been too long! We sat there and got some weird looks from people as we sat at a table for two but that's bound to happen! It was really good and then after we went out and had the chance to meet with a branch council member about people he would want us to focus our rescuing efforts on during this transfer! It was a pretty good evening if I do say so myself!
Yesterday night we went over to a family in the branch named the Durdas and it was a party! We made crapes and had a New Year's Eve dinner which was super fun to have with a member so we weren't all alone. She let me and Elder Smith try flipping the capes the cool way and I totally rocked it. I'll send a video! After that we sat down and switched rolls.... They gave us a lesson and shared a music video by the church called "Peace in Christ" and it was so good! Basically about the new mutual theme for this year so that was really cool and it is all about relying on Christ! Y'all should watch it!
After that we played a game with the family and then headed back to the house which then brings me to the third fun little activity we did. We broke out some of Brother Davis martenelli bottles and drank like two full bottles worth before bed because we weren't gonna be allowed to stay up till 12....that was fun and we had our own little binge party right before bed so we could still go into the New Year with a bang! I'll send pictures of that as well!
We were able to set up a lot of appointments for this coming week with a lot of our progressing investigators in hopes to continuing helping them along the path back to our Father in Heaven! We are super excited and have really gotten the ministering visits (a visit with another member present) going which is something the whole mission is focusing on! Something that I've realized this week is that as we trust in our Savior we can accomplish all that we want to! If we set goals based on the Lord's desires, we can then set the plans in order to accomplish those goals. After, we then can turn to our Father in Heaven and ask for guidance in making sure these are the plans he has for us. Once we receive an answer we then act on what we receive showing our faith in His plan that is set out for us! As I listened to the song "Peace in Christ", which the Durdas shared with us, it helped me realize that peace does come through Christ even when there is no peace in the world! We should continually turn to Him in times of need relying on Him and knowing that He knows what is best! I love my Savior, His plan, and His atonement for all of us! Thank you for your amazing examples! I truly feel your prayers and am thankful for all of those that send their prayers my way! HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone and I can't wait to see what 2018 has in store! As I look back and remember the times spent with family and loved ones I can only hope to have that same love this year in 2018! Love you all and hope your new year is full of excitement!

With love, Elder Bretzing

Psalm 37:4-5
Commit to the Lord and trust in Him, and everything will work out for you in the end! Bring to pass your desires! Love you all!


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