December 31, 2017


Elgin, Texas


Elder Smith

Christmas 2017

Sorry this is so late!! It's been a busy week and I am just catching up on my emails! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We love you all so much and cnat thank you enough for supporting Jaxon on his mission!

From Jaxon...
Hello Everyone. Mostly all the good things happened within the last 3 days. On Saturday, we were able to go and have a brunch with a member in our branch and we won a Bluetooth speaker! How sweet right? It's shaped like a snow man! We then made plans to get gifts for one of our investigators who's kids didn't look like they were going to get anything for Christmas. We went out and bought the kids gifts and little things they would like! It was so fun and I just loved giving gifts!!!
Sunday came along and church was fun! They asked Elder Smith and I to narrate the Christmas program and just read off a script between musical numbers! I had a blast! After church, we went over to a recent converts house and had ribs and brisket! YUMMM!! Then we headed home real quick to get ready for our Christmas Eve dinner with another member family! We got there and it was so good! It was traditional like ham, turkey, funeral potatoes, the whole shabang! We ate and talked and had a good time. Then we sang hymns/Christmas carols and talked about the true meaning of Christmas! They gave us gifts, which was so was chocolate and ties! We were so grateful for the gifts.
We then went back home and finished our planning for Christmas day!
CHRISTMAS DAY WAS SO FUN!!!!! We started off by getting up at 6:30 like usual and getting ready! We then headed out with one of our members and her daughter to go feed the homeless people in Austin! We drove around and found people on the street and gave them bread and pancakes and hot chocolate! It was such a cool experience! I loved every second of it! After that, we went home and got ready for the rest of the day and CALLS HOME!!!!
AHHHHHH I can't tell you how much I love you guys! It made me so happy to see my family! You guys are so close and I love it! Dad always makes me laugh and I can see that my the fighting continues! But I love that about my brothers. It was so awesome to see everyone and talk to you! I love my family so much! Thanks for letting Baylee come over and be with you. Thanks for continuing to involve her in family activities. She loves you guys!
After I hung up with you guys, we made cookies to go deliver around after our dinner with another member which was super good and tradition again with ham and all that! We finished that up and they gave us beanies and Nerf guns to come play with at their house whenever! We gave them cookies and then after ran back to the Flories to grab the rest of the gifts for the Lunts (the investigators we got gifts for). We door bell ditched them and left all the stuff including a 100 dollar gift card to Wal-Mart from the Flories! I love doing that kind of stuff! We then ran over to our branch mission leaders house to go say hi to his family and his brother leaving on a mission soon! It was so fun and we gave them the rest of the cookies! They also gave us a plate of goodies which we have gotten like 30 of this season! No joke! We came home after that and talked and sat around while I soaked my toes in soap water.... I hate in-grown toe nails!! It was such a good week and I love it here in Elgin!

So yeah that's basically my week or the most important parts of it! It was a great week and I literally love this area!! Talking to you all was so good and it was the best Christmas gift I could've ever gotten! Love you!


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