December 18, 2017


Manor, Texas


Elder Smith

7 Days to Christmas

Hey Mom. I love the photos and video from Sub 4 Santa. I remember those days and miss them so much! I was sad to hear about the Solis family. That just made my heart ache! I can't imagine what that would feel like to lose a son so close to the Christmas season! I am sure they were touched to have you and the PACK kids come and show support! We did something similar here about two weeks ago! We went caroling as a district and sang to a lady in my area! She posted a message about it on Facebook and I'll send you the post. She talked about how that was the first time she had ever had carolers come to her door! I tear up just thinking about that and how some people never know the feeling of love during Christmas! I'm glad you guys did that for the family. You always make Christmas special at the high school.
I am getting an ingrown toe nail out tomorrow...tell Kaden he will get a kick out of it since I told him I would never get one. He was right - they kill. I take back all the wuss comments I made to Kaden! Also, I think my permanent bracket broke on my teeth! I am falling apart out here - UGH! Sorry for all the doctors visits!
I loved the neighborhood party every year and I am glad it was a huge success this year! We do have the best neighborhood and friends. I miss everyone! I love that we get together as a neighborhood and help a family in the ward. That's what Christmas is all about! You are definitely the neighborhood party planner!
I can't believe that Easton is turning 12 tomorrow! Holy cow!! He is gonna be one amazing deacon! I know you are sad to have no more primary kids, but at the same time, we have all grown up to be good boys. It really is a blessing to have a family like we do! I wouldn't want any other family! I hope to get the package this Wednesday! I will be looking for it!
I'm so excited to talk to all of you! If you want to do Skype I will need to set up an account! We might just do FaceTime on Facebook messenger and Kaden or Baylee will know all about that! I'll let you know!
To answer your companion is Elder Smith and I love him so much!! We are BEST friends and have known each other the whole mission basically! We also go home together which is kinda cool! He is from Vancouver Washington (which is in the west mom...right above Oregon! I know how bad you are with geography) My mission is the Elgin Texas area and it is the most amazing place. I LOVE IT! So much fun and when you think of western this is it! The town is like an abandoned town on TV and it's cool!

I loved the message you sent from Elder Rasband from the Ensign. That is such a great message! We share something like that in almost every lesson we teach! We talk about Light the World and how we need to focus on serving and becoming like Christ during this season! Gifts are great, but the greatest gift is the only begotten Son! I've really thought about how Christmas is truly meant for the family and how when we focus on that and service we are really coming closer to our Heavenly Father and Christ! We should magnify Christ like attributes every day when we come in contact with people...that is what this season is about! It is fun when I get into a house and share a message about Christ's Love! I just love Christmas and everything it entails!
The mission really helps to magnify what is really important and what we need to focus on! Gifts really don't is about looking beyond ourselves and serving those around us while loving our families and becoming closer as a family unit! We taught gospel principles yesterday in church and we talked about the Family - A Proclamation to the World and it was so cool to see how it outlines the way to having an eternal family and peace in the home! I love it so much!
I love you and can't wait to talk to all of you next week! I try my best to give everything and look for ways to serve everyday! You are such a great example and I don't know where I would be without you! Have an amazing week and I love you so much! Talk to you soon and I'll let you know what I decide about calling next week!!

Love, Elder Bretzing


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