December 12, 2017


Manor, Texas


Elder Webb

Transfer Week

Man...emailing gets so stressful sometimes because we don't get all day. We maybe get 3 hours, but sometimes it's just 2!
I heard from Baylee that Kaden is doing so good at wrestling! Tell him to keep up the good work! I am so proud of that kid and the things he is accomplishing! I can't believe he has a chance at placing at state! That is literally so cool! My brother is a boss!!!!!! I hear that you had Baylee over on Sunday and she said it was so fun and that you are quite the gingerbread house maker! Like a serious PRO!!! She loves you guys so much! That is so awesome that you saw Kurt Cottle. I do remember him! I am glad you got to talk to him and catch up on things!
I got transferred this week!!! So I will get you my new address hopefully today! But I am really excited and it is the same district just a different area with a new companion! So stoked!
Thanks for sharing the quotes from Elder Uchtdorf's talk! It really is important that we realize that OUR decisions are the deciding factor in our success or failure! If we want something, we have to go after it and give all we have! Something this week that I have been studying and that me and Elder Webb talked about one night was opposition! I was reading a talk given by Holland in 2000 and he talks about how before every good thing is about to happen, there will always be some kind of opposition or trial that we have to face! He explains that the adversary NEVER gives up and that even when we have overcome our trial, he will find a way to put another in our path! It was amazing to see how he related it to our everyday lives and that if we stay strong and just hold tight, we can overcome and overpower any temptation or trial in our path! I love Holland and he really knows how to speak to ME specifically!
A heads up...I sent the package for the family today and it should be getting there on either Thursday or Friday so be looking for it! I hope everyone likes it and enjoys their gifts!
This week has been a fun one! It SNOWED here is Texas a solid 1/2 inch! I thought I would never see the snow for another 2 years but a great surprise to me this last week! Also, we have mice in our apartment, but its alright cause I am moving here in the next couple days so it won't affect me much longer! We have an investigator family of 9 that is SUPER strong and coming to almost every activity! I know they will be baptized soon! We had a nativity scene set up in Pflugerville (north of Austin) this week and the family of 9 came along with our recent convert and it was a special experience! I love doing things that can really help you feel the true meaning of Christmas! We did a lot of service this was for a toy donation group! We did it on Tuesday and helped more than 2800 kids have a Christmas in a military camp in Texas! It was so fun and just an amazing experience! I love doing service because I feel so peaceful after and love to see the impact it has on others. Also, I get to wear normal clothes while I do service so that's a plus!
I love the mission so much! This is just a couple of things that have happened this week. Not to crazy but I am excited to get to another area! It is an English area so that will be a little different and I will have to keep up on my Spanish! But it is coming along well and I will have to show Dad and Dahlin what I know when we talk at Christmas! Which won't be much but hopefully enough to talk with them a little!
I love you guys so much and you are all so special to me! Thanks for everything mom! I love you so much!

Love, Elder Bretzing!


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