November 15, 2017


Austin, Texas


Elder Webb

Poison Ivy

I am glad that Kaden and Easton are still succeeding in everything they do! I never doubted that they would! I'm glad Dahlin is keeping busy! That is probably the smartest thing to do! Good to hear he is kicking butt in college!
Okay I'll give you the address: 9601 middle fiskville, Austin, Texas. 78753

Sounds like a good time on Sunday with Grandma and Grandpa!! I love them so much and I am glad they are doing well! Grandma told me that Nikki and her husband are living in the basement...When did that happen? That is so cool. She also told me that Calli is her personal driver for 3 hours! That is so nice of her and I bet grandma really loves it!

My week has actually been kind of rough! To start off it has just felt really slow which isn't necessarily a bad thing but still, it just felt like it was dragging along! Then to add on to that, I have poison ivy all up and down my right arm and its super swollen and now it is starting to come on my left! We are seeing if it is going to get better before visiting the doctor..yikes! It's been pretty good other than that! I was able to go visit one of our investigators in the hospital right after she had a baby and it was so cool! I had never really been there right after a baby was born because I was always to young to remember much! But it was fun to see her and see how happy it made the family! We also met with her husband who is a little trickier to deal with! He has a lot of questions and is basically (for now) an Atheist! So yeah... But we were in the area last night and asked him if we could stop by and he said yes! So we went by and just talked for a little bit and then taught him that even though he has lots of questions (some of which we cant answer), It's okay. We told him that through the Book of Mormon we can receive all the answers we need if we read with a desire to know and ask of God if the things are true! So we did that with him last night and asked him that if it were true how it would change his life? Well, He told us it would change EVERYTHING! He has never really been to church before but has been coming to ours the last 5 weeks and says it is something special! He said that when he finally gets his answer from God, it will change everything about his life and his relationships at home! We are SOOOO excited for him and hope that he continues to progress like he has!
Also, we have a family night tonight with an investigator and are hoping to get him a date for baptism which we can totally do! The only issue is he thinks he has to know everything to be baptized when honestly it is the exact opposite! We as members are baptized at 8 years old... So if you are telling me that at 8 we know everything about the gospel then you are wrong! I believe that baptism is the start to our journey and process in learning how we can return to our Heavenly Father! There is a scripture I've been thinking about that says, "We need to become humble, meek, and submissive like unto a child." There is a talk given in October 2008 titled, "You Know Enough!" It is so good and I would like you to read it! We gave this talk to our investigator and it talks about how we know enough and if we become like children, that is how we can be more like Christ! Let me know what you think after you read the talk!
My companion is good! We have become a little closer throughout this transfer and hopefully it continues! I feel like it is becoming more like a companionship now and not just a solo act! His name is Elder Webb and he is from Colorado Springs, CO. The apartment actually isn't to bad! The inside is nice and needs a little fixing, it is just the outside that kind of worries us! But all is well so far! Nothing to complain about! It is fun living on my own but I miss you guys tons! I haven't rode my bike yet.... we are in a driving area so I haven't needed it! We rode it one day for recreation and it was really nice! I just haven't had to use it yet! My Spanish is coming along good and I feel like I get better week after week! So that's nice! My favorite thing has been visiting that family in the hospital with the baby! It was so special and I loved the feeling I got being there! Soooo spiritual! The weather is nice and it really doesn't get to cold! I MISS THE MOUNTAINS!!!! AND THE SNOW!!! But it is pretty nice! The ward is great and it is helping me a lot out here because it feels like family! So life is great and I have become really close with the members in the ward!!
I really have seen the work hasten and though we have bad weeks sometimes, as long as we give it our all, the results will start to come! Even if that means that we are just planting the seed and someone else will come back at harvest it! We are doing our very best to stay busy and keep things rolling! I really can feel the blessings of serving the Lord and I am so happy to be a missionary! Just as dad says, "Work hard like it depends on you...and pray like it depends on the Lord!!" Dad is my hero!

Love you guys and can't wait to have another great week! Love: Elder Bretzing


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