November 9, 2017


Austin, Texas


Elder Webb

Day 90

Hey there Mom! I cant believe it! Time is starting to speed up here and I can't believe it's been three months already! When I realized I had been out for basically 90 days that blew my mind! So I cant imagine how fast this next year is going to feel! That is soooo crazy! It literally feels like Dahlin got home just last year - and it's been over two years! That is cool that Dahlin got to talk to a person from Chile and got to use his Spanish!

This week was definitely interesting! To start off we had to find a new apartment to move into because we got sisters in our area who moved into our old apartment! So that was fun because they gave us a block to look in and we literally found 3...but only 1 was good enough to live in! So without looking at it, the mission just bought it and no one came to check it! And when they were moving us in, there was a huge crime scene that was going on so we will have to see how it goes! The inside is nice but the outside is a little sketchy! We came home one night to our neighbor out on the steps drunk and she called us over. We went over and she was rambling all sorts of different random things! She asked for "our book", so we gave her a Book of Mormon and told her we had to leave! When we went inside we could hear her outside yelling, "Why" at God for like 10 minutes! She was crazy! But we gave away a Book of one point for the Missionaries I guess you could say! We were able to have 5 investigators come to church this week which was amazing because we have been working really hard with these 2 different families and they finally showed up! Yay! The first is the Martinez family and the second is the Venegas family! The Martinez family can be a little difficult but we had a lesson with them later that night and they made us an amazing dinner. We shared a quick message about the Book of Mormon and come to find out they have been reading and are excited to learn more!! The Venegas family is just the niece and we have gotten her to come to church the last 2 Sundays which is unreal! We watched a baptism over skype with her to show her how it goes and she said she would pray and think about a date to be baptized!! WOW! We are expecting to hopefully have a date this week with her and get her excited about the church! The work really moves along out here as long as we are staying focused and making sure to work our hardest all the time! I love being a missionary!!!

Time really does fly and I feel like just yesterday I was starting Senior year and yet here I am out serving a mission! I love you guys tons and am going to send pictures home right now so you can be all caught up! I hope everything is going good at home! Love you and continue to work hard like I know you always do! You and Dad are such an amazing examples to me of putting your whole heart and soul into everything that you guys do and I am trying to be more like you guys every day! LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD!!!
Have a great week! Hope you and the family are continuing to read every morning and pray. Love you all so much. Give my brothers a hug for me!

Elder Bretzing


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