November 1, 2017


Austin, Texas


Elder Webb

Happy Halloween

I'm so happy to hear that the family is do great! Tell Kaden he needs to wrestle! He was so good at it and I feel like if he really tries he can kick butt this year! Our wrestling team really needs him! I love how Easton is kicking butt in football and soccer..I love my little twin! Tell Dahlin I love him and hope he can find a girl like Baylee.
My week has been good and time goes by faster and faster each week! Things are going good between me and my companion, but we don't always agree! Like today I wanted to email more but he insisted we stay in Elgin and do something else so that is why this is so late and so short! But oh well right? I have definitely learned some patience and how to work through differences!
We are actually moving apartments so I'll have to give you the new address soon! My day is basically the same everyday...we have all our studies and planning in the morning and then go out around 1:00 till 9:00. The weather has gotten colder and it actually feels pretty nice. I like it but I hate that there are no mountains!! The food is great and I have some pictures that I will Send! It is really good! Sorry, but I am writing this fast because we got back late! But there are some members here that I just love so much and it makes things much better! I can really see the work moving along as I am obedient and strive to keep busy and focused! The Lord really blesses those who serve his children and it is just a huge blessing to be out here even though at times it is really hard! But I know this is where I am suppose to be and my testimony grows stronger every day.
If we turn to the Lord in all things there is nothing we cannot do and I have really come to see that here in the mission! I love you mom and I hope you are doing okay with everything because I know that you are super busy! I don't know how you do all that you do! Keep me in the loop with everything. Love you tons!

Elder Bretzing


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