October 24, 2017


Austin, Texas


Elder Webb

Day 76

Wow that sounds like a crazy week!!! I can not believe the THS girls got so close to winning the state championship! I'm so proud of them and all they have accomplished...making it the state finals is huge! I loved going to their games and watching them play! They came from a hard season last year but really stepped it up and made the most of this season! That is just so cool and tell them congrats from me! Represent Timpanogos the right way! What a great day to be a T-Wolf!
Anyways, the family sounds like they are doing great! I love to hear that Kaden really connected with the seniors on his team because it just shows how hard working that kid is! I am so proud of him and what he has accomplished! Timpanogos had the best football season they have had in years because of that kid! HE IS A BEAST!!!! I tell everyone about him and now its like a thing here in my district! Someone will be talking about how big they were in high school but then someone will say, "not as big as Elder Bretzing's little brother!" How funny right? But he seriously is such a great example to me! Easton seems to be doing great! I miss that little guy so much and he better be looking after Baylee for me while I am gone;) I can't believe the referee almost kicked off a 12 year old kid from the sideline.... like okay he's 12! But I can just picture him standing up and throwing his chair with that little Easton yell that he does! I love how he is just your little buddy and loves to be around all the high school athletes! I can still remember when I was little and I would love coming out to your games and practices! Tell him to keep up the good work and that his big twin here misses him a lot!
Dahlin.....I love that guy! I hope he is doing better in school and life in general! I know it can be hard with school, girls and work, but just tell him to keep pushing along and listening to your advice! I had heard that him and Bree stopped dating and I was wondering why?? Even Baylee said she was awesome! So tell him to get over it and get a wife gosh dang it! (haha) How is his soccer going? Still thinking he is a pro? That is one thing I love about matter what anyone else says or does, if it is something he loves and wants then he is going to do it! And going to practice until he is good at it! He is such a big example to me of really doing your best in everything you do!! Except cleaning his room;)
How are you and Dad? I love getting your emails each week and hearing about what is going on that week! I hope you guys are finding times to go out and do stuff! I think it is awesome that you guys are keeping Baylee in the loop! She literally loves you guys so much! I think it is awesome you are going to board the canyon!! I am so jealous because you wouldn't come with me but you are going with Bay;) I hope you guys are safe and see how fun it is so that when I get home we can go as a family! That is so cool that Hanna Reynolds had her farewell this week! Did she do a good job on her talk? She has always been such a personable character so I don't doubt it was good! I hope she is excited because the mission is awesome! It honestly is really really hard being away from all of you and all the things I love, but I love being out here! Its weird I know;) Tell her good luck for me in an email or if you see her! And tell me how the long boarding goes!
My week this week has been really interesting! All the investigators are great! We are having a hard time getting people to act and even though we know they feel the spirit when we are there, its all about how they are going to act on it! We have an investigator named Damian Hernandez who recently got married just so he can continue to work towards a baptism! We are going to his house tonight actually for a family home evening and to help teach him more about the Ten Commandments! He really seems to be progressing and we are excited to hopefully get him on a baptism date soon! We invited him to be baptized on November 4th and he was a little hesitant and not totally sure! But he comes to church every week and we know we can help him prepare! He just feels like he needs to know everything when really it is the opposite...we are always going to continually learn more! How great right? The next big investigator is a family of 5! We have been teaching them for about 3 weeks and they are awesome! The only thing that isn't great is them acting on their feelings! When we teach them the spirit is so strong and they tell us how they want to know more and become closer with Heavenly Father, but then when it comes to going to church they don't come! So we are looking to try different approaches and help them receive that desire! But that is when we move on with faith knowing that we have just planted a seed and someone else will have to harvest that seed when it is ripe!
Some funny things that happened this week are all about my companion.... We were walking up to a house and there was a Husky who was kinda guarding the door. I told Elder Webb to be careful but he insisted in just going up! So I hung back a little while he walked up, and as he did the dog stood up and lowered its head while the hair started rising on his back! I knew this was not going to be good. Elder Webb then reaches out to touch it!!!!!!!! Like noooo!! But he did and the dog lunged at him and bit his hand! Lucky enough Elder Webb moved fast enough that it didn't draw blood but there were some scratches and he had to run from the dog for a solid 10 seconds till the leash restricted it! Then the next day he was lifting a 400 pound log with another elder and they dropped it and it landed on his hand and broke his finger... that was the same day I got my tooth fixed so we had another call to the nurse! Then we got home and the apartment smelled awful and come to find out there was a skunk running around in the rafters that they are trying to get. That was just awful and we used a whole can of febreeze. So yeah that was crazy this week!
The work is continuing to move along and I am loving all the adventures and lessons I am learning here and all the miracles I get to see everyday! We ran into a family while knocking doors and they had a daughter who is 17 and a son who is 6 months! She said she has been looking for a church and really wants to learn more because she just needs peace of mind and the spirit in her life! But it shows that the Lord guides us to those who are prepared and wants his work to move along! Also we had 3 double dinners this week and I feel awful..... A double dinner is where a member feeds us at like 3 and then we have dinner at 4 and it is so much food! One member took us to golden corral unitl 4 and then we went to a dinner at taco cabana with a member at 5 so I thought I was going to explode by the time the night was up! Those are always fun and just make me run 2 miles the next day instead of 1... haha! Can't wait to hear all about your week and how everything is going at home!!
Love you guys and hope that you are seeing all the little miracles and blessings in your lives as you live the gospel and listen to the promptings of the spirit! I know these things are true and that as you continue to look for missionary opportunities you will bless so many lives! The church is true and my testimony grows each week as I continue to look for the best in people and find ways to serve! Love you!!
Thanks mom for your example and all you did and DO for me continually! I really see why you did certain things and wanted to teach your students in PACK to serve! Those lessons have helped me so much as I struggle with different trials and challenges in the mission! Love my family so much!
Love, Elder Bretzing


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