October 17, 2017


Austin, Texas


Elder Webb

70 days

MOMMMMM!!!! Its great to hear from you again! Man I miss the family so much! I know you guys told me I would and I didn't listen.... sorry about that! It really has helped a ton to have done the many different activities I did at school and church! It has helped me to get outside my shell and just open up! Having to deal with so many different kinds of people at home really helps out here because there are so many different people! Thanks for all you taught me and for being my biggest example of being strong and doing what's right! I always know I can turn to you if I ever need encouragement or have worries about anything!
So...I bet you were surprised to get a call from my mission?? I was chewing a piece of licorice and my tooth just broke off...but I didn't realize it and swallowed it! haha!! But I have an appointment set up for Thursday at 8 am to get it fixed so it's all good! Thanks for helping me out! How was it for dad to talk to someone from the mission? Was it weird? Sorry I felt so bad when I did it because it was something so innocent that now costs money! Ugh I hate that!

You tell Kaden to keep up the hard work! I don't care how the team is doing, as long as he is giving it his all, that is what matters! He is a beast and I know he can continue to do great things! Tell him how proud I am of him and that he is such a great example to me of just being himself and working hard all the time in school, sports, and with friends trying to please everyone! He is way better at that than I was! I am glad I have a little brother to guide me and help me realize what I need to fix to become more like him!

Tell Dahlin to not be a bum for me okay? Why did he stop dating that girl? We shouldn't worry though...he will definitely find a girl that fits him! But tell him that time is running out and if he doesn't hurry, I might be married before he is! I love that guy! And even though we had our ups and knew that I always had an older brother who I could go to with stuff when I just needed to talk! Especially after his mission. He would always give me advice and though I wouldn't always take it, looking back now it was always for the benefit of what he thought would be best for me! I love him and I just want the best for him! So I will continue to pray for him and just let him know I am always routing for him and I am on his side no matter what!

EASTON!!!! I miss Easton so dang much!! He is my little buddy and I can't believe that he is almost 12!!! I wish I could be there with him and help him to become the best he can be! I really do miss that little guy and hope he is still doing good and succeeding in everything he does! I love that him and Bay are having a great time! Those pictures make me so happy and Bay told me about Costa Vida and lunch with you guys! I love you and dad so much! It means a lot that you continue to have her around and keep her as part of the family! She loves you guys so much even if she doesn't say it (but she probably does)! Tell Easton I love him and I hope he still sleeps with Dahlin every now and then for the memories;)

I'm glad that you and dad are doing good! He really is so lucky and I just hope that I get as lucky! You guys are so happy and that's the ultimate goal! I always remember the picture in your bathroom that said, "happiness is being married to your best friend" that is so true!! Love that you guys continue to show for us kids what a happy family looks like and base our family off the standards of the church!

Dang it..I can't believe I am going to miss Whitney's homecoming! That sounds so fun to go to Vegas with the whole family! I can't believe she is coming home! I am excited for Hanna to go on her mission. Hanna wrote me once when the earthquake happened in Mexico and she seemed really excited so that's good!

I love you so much mom and I again can't even begin to explain how much of an example you are to me! This week was honestly kinda rough and felt kinda long, but I know that we just need to press forward with faith and take it day by day! Love the work and I am glad I get to see the miracles in the mission and with those I love everyday! I love teaching the lessons to our investigators and watching them try to change their lives. It's sad to see people struggle because they are making poor choices, but we continue to love them and pray for them. Never give up, right mom? That was always your favorite thing to say to me when I wanted to quit. But you never let me and you always encouraged me to do more than I thought I could. That is what I remember on my mission when I get discouraged. I know I can do more!
Love you guys so much and continue to be examples for all those around you! You guys are the best!I! Thanks for all you do!!

Elder Bretzing


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