October 11, 2017


Austin, Texas


Elder Webb

Austin, Texas

Hello From Austin!!
MOM...Have i ever told you how much i love you? Because it is sure a whole lot! Your example to me is something I strive to be everyday! I hear from you and dad about all the things you do and how you are just such a strong foundation for the ward, the school, and our family! It makes me proud to call you my mom! I admire the strength you have and how you always help those around you to succeed!
You will be happy to hear that I love reading the conference talks! You used to say it was your favorite thing to do while working out and now it is probably my favorite thing to do as well!
I saw the picture of Dahlin and Briana! Tell that guy to shave for me okay? I know your soccer team will do great...way to go being region champs! So cool. I know you will inspire them to play their best!
I want to share a cool experience I had with the family of five I was talking about last week! They have been super receptive to what we are teaching and the kids are growing a ton! It is literally unreal. They continue to be a strong family wanting to please the Lord and they really want to be a family forever! We are hoping soon to have a baptismal date!
We had dinner with a member last night and they were so cool! We played soccer with their 4 boys this morning and it was amazing to see how I can connect with them and just have fun! Sometimes you need a little fun with the hard work! What's cool is that I feel like I am able to find a good balance between the two and really connect with them spiritually and personally! Another cool thing is that I got to see how a blacksmith works and do service on this old pioneer farm! Another cool thing is that I got to go to a wedding for an investigator that is hopefully getting baptized soon! Hopefully before my transfer!
I just want you to know (and tell dad) how lucky he is to have won you over! Dad and Dahlin might have served missions...but it was only because dad worked so hard on his mission that he was able to deserve someone as good as you! Keep up the hard work because your example has always pushed me and helped me to become better everyday! I LOVE YOU. Tell everyone at home hello from me and that I love getting emails each keep writing. I love to hear how everyone is doing, what they are involved in, and most importantly - their testimonies! I can't tell you how much they inspire me to keep moving forward and improving each day.
Until next week...

Love, Elder Bretzing


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