October 3, 2017


Austin, Texas


Elder Webb

Conference Weekend

You are exactly right Dad! I had an amazing week thanks to General Conference and a couple other little things that happened this week!! I loved all the talks and I took so many notes and listened so carefully! I wish I would've done that more before my mission because there are so many life learning messages in those talks that could've blessed my life so much! But I truly loved conference and the talks really inspired me to do my best and just lose myself in the work! I was very sad to hear about Elder Hales, but we all know he is in a better place continuing the work he started here!
I had a super spiritual experience last night. We were going to a visit with a new investigator and she wasn't home...but as we drove in we saw her two sons (14,12) playing soccer. So we stopped and got out to play! As I played with them and taught them some fun moves, we grew really close to the point I love them like my own little brother! It was so cool to see how they thought we were the coolest people ever! We sat down after playing for a bit and shared with the two boys about how through the gospel and faith in god and Jesus Christ, we can not only be blessed spiritually but physically! What was really cool was I was able to use my life before the mission with soccer to relate with them! I told them how I had played for one of the best clubs in the state and the varsity soccer team at school, but that all those blessings came because of the faith I had in God and Jesus Christ and how when we have this faith we can truly become our greatest selves! It was really amazing to see how their eyes lit up and they earnestly listened to our words and connected with what we were sharing with them! We set up another visit with them today and I am so excited to go over there and give them another piece to the puzzle to the plan of happiness that we have!
I am so glad the family is doing well! Tell Easton not to put his head down about scoring an own goal! I got really frustrated with myself when I was younger and it really affected me as I got older! Keep that kid happy and tell him that I scored several own goals in my life playing soccer! He is so awesome! Tell Kaden congratulations on the season so far and that I am so proud of him! Also advise him about girls and making sure he finds a girl like Bay;) I know you can do that mom!! Tell Dahlin to stop being a bumski and to find a good girl already! HA, HA! I love that guy so much and I just want the best for him.
I am trying my best to be like you (mom and dad) and just lose myself in the work and in serving others! Sometimes it is really hard and I think about home...but I know if I trust in the Lord and just get to work, all will be okay and everyone back home will be looked after, guided, and protected while I am away!! I love you so much and I'm so proud of everyone!! Love you mom so much!

Elder Bretzing!


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