September 26, 2017


Austin, Texas


Elder Webb

Arrived in Austin

My address is 2104 East Anderson Lane, Austin Texas, 78752,!!!

YEAH I am in Austin!!!!!!! It is so awesome mom & dad!!! My companion is Elder Webb and he is awesome! He is from Colorado Springs and we connect so good! He is musical and likes to work out too so it is perfect! His Spanish is super good so it is helping me to learn a ton! This area is fully Spanish and wow I thought I knew a little...but i don't! I love it though! I am learning fast and it is such a blessing to be able to start in such an amazing area! Elder Webb has been in the mission for 14 months so he has already passed the hump day!! How crazy right? I wish you could meet him cause he is so fun and honestly is helping me so much! We live in an apartment with 4 elders and one is the zone leader and he is awesome! His name is Elder Simmons and he has been out about 10 months! He is super fun and we just talk about random stuff all the time like Utah or girls or whatever when we see him at night! He is from Lindon but moved to Syracuse later! His companion is Elder Victor and he is from Lehi Utah so we all love Utah quite a bit! I have met the mission president of course! We had meetings with him right when we got here and then spent 2 days in training! He is awesome! He is exactly obedient which is awesome but still so loving! He does remember Greg and we talked about it for like 5 minutes!
My apartment is SO nice! It has a top and bottom floor and honestly it is so fun with the 4 of us! I love the bike you got me! I am in a car mission area so we drive a 2017 Chevy Malibu and it is nice!! haha I love it! I will try and get pictures of all this but if not i will next week because i haven't taken pics of the car or apartment yet! Mostly just of me and some families!
The weather is nice! It is really really humid and you can definitely feel it, but i don't mind to much! I miss the Utah dry weather though for sure! I have had like 4 lessons and they have been awesome! I have a favorite family here, the Maldonados, They are awesome! They are converts and come with us to every lesson! They give such good input all the time and just help with seeing it from the investigator point of view because they were there once! They have a daughter, Alondra and she is 7. I'll send some pics of her but she is awesome!!!! The Spanish is alright but I still have tons to learn especially getting here and seeing how much I need to learn! The food is awesome and I actually like guacamole by the way.... I had it and dang, its good! Also I had some tuna thing that was alright, but not the best so still no fish for me!! haha! But the food is great and I'm loving every second of it!
That's crazy that Mackenzie and Bree got their calls! I'm so excited for them! I guess that makes eight of your soccer girls on missions, right? I hope they know that the mission is going to be so fun and it is just awesome to see how many lives you can bless while you are out here! I'm glad everything at home is going good! You are going to be great mom so stop worrying! Everyone loves you so you don't even need to worry cause you are such a power house and they need someone like you to lead those girls down the right path! Monson is awesome! I heard that conference was great and everyone said they felt so much peace from it! That is such a great quote "Decision Determine Destiny!" Our prophet is so powerful and it is sad to see him in such poor health but I love hearing everything he says because he says it with love but so much power as well!
I'm focused all the time on the work! The feeling i get in lessons and when I am just in the car with my companion is unreal! I love it so much and I can already see such a big change in my heart for the gospel and the people of Texas!!! This mission really is so amazing and I can't believe it has almost been 2 months... crazy right??
I love you guys so much and keep it up! I don't have time for a group email this week because we had a lot to do today getting me all settled and buying stuff that I needed!! I got like 20 dollar shoes at walmart cause the ones bay gave me broke in the mtc!! So we have been busy! I love everyone so much and it is great to here that you are all doing good! Tell dad I love him tons! I think of his lessons or mission stories all the time and they help me to remember my purpose and why I'm here! He is such a great example to me and I love you and him more than words can explain! Thank you for everything!!! I'll send some pictures!!! until next week...

Love, Elder Bretzing


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