November 3, 2014


Cordelia Fairfield First Area


Elder McCall

Last week of transfers

Hey mom!

Another awesome awesome week! Here's a recap!
So our lessons with the Grace family are going awesome. This last one we taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and Gavin asked if he could bring a friend to the lessons and church, we laughed and just said absolutely! This last Sunday was to Fast Sunday and their second time at church and they just loved it. Elder McCall and I had to leave third hour so we left Dyelen by himself in high priest and when we came back it was the coolest thing ever, church was over and everyone up was just standing in the halls and outside the chapel and the Grace family didn't even feel like investigators anymore, they basically got absorbed right into the ward, they all have friends in the ward and everyone's been fellowshipping them. Elder McCall and I just looked at each other and smiled. It brings tears to my eyes seeing how amazing this family is and watching them progress is the coolest thing in the world. Now I just can't wait till the 22nd when they get baptized. Keep them in your prayers!
So! I don't know why but Halloween is a big deal over here.. Like everyone goes all out, and one of the traditions they do out here is pumpkin carvings, but not just any normal pumpkin carvings, a member over here goes to a local produce store and buys 500 pumpkins, and then the whole week before Halloween day we just carve all 500 of them, and then on Halloween night we light every single one and his whole front yard is just covered in lit pumpkins. I'll attach some photos of me and the pumpkin I carved, I carved the prophet Mormon!
And there's a bunch of other cool church ones.
I carry a knife now:) haha that sounds a little weird but let me explain. This whole last week a bunch of shootings have been happening. I've been talking to a bunch of members who run in the morning. When I first got out here, I thought about carrying pepper spray but I learned that that's not enough. The reason some of the members carry knives is because of dogs. There have been some almost deadly dog attacks just down the road from my house in the past few years. And pepper spray isn't enough to calm down a raging dog. When a dog is super mad the only way to stop it from attacking you is by killing I carry a knife because I don't want to get killed by a pack of crazy angry dogs! Hah

Also Elder McCall does not know Camille or Talon or any of them:/ he's a convert at the age of 17, also yes I got the ties I loved them, I picked the blue one and nicknamed it the wave, also I got your Halloween package and I loved it, thank you for the candy and paper:)

I love you very much mom, tell Jessica she's awesome and tell Jeremy that I loved his costume. I love you hope all is well!

Also I found a rain coat for $40 at Costco thanks to some awesome members, I'll let you know if I need anything else but basically I got a rain coat and a beanie and then I'm buying my knife today, the only other thing I'd need is new running shoes because mine are wrecked but I can last, I go running each morning so mine are pretty beat up, but I'm gonna make them last a while so yeah:) and then that's basically it!

I love you all thank you for the emails your all the best! Keep on writing me I love it:)

Love Elder Jason Warnick
also here's some pics because I haven't sent any in the past
the shell that I'm holding was over 60 pounds!


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