October 20, 2014


Cordelia Fairfield First Area


Elder McCall

Letter Dated October 20, 2014


I had an amazing week! but first thank you so much for the package, It was awesome to find that in the mail on Tuesday hah. Ok, so my week started off really rough with Elder McCall and I again..we got into another argument and it just wasn't pretty...but finally! things are working out and we get along really well...for now hah, but after that the week went really well.

the best day of my mission so far, well everyday is better then the last but this day was just incredible, so the day started off pretty basic, we did all our study, contacted, ate dinner, and taught a few lessons. we were going to our first lesson of the night and the best thing happened. our investigator wasn't home! haha we knocked three times and no one answered...being really discouraged, Elder McCall and I decided to walk around the block and try again, So we started walking and Elder McCall asked me if I've tracked the neighborhood before, I said yes and just thought "this is so stupid why are we contacting right now, it's too late" Elder McCall just sighed and we kept walking. We get to the corner and see a father and son walking to their car, I sighed and we said "Lets go contact" we went up to the guy and said " hey how's it going?" he looked at us and said "I'm doing good. You?" then Elder McCall got a huge prompting of what to say, he said "the Savior has brought us here tonight to leave a blessing on your home of peace and comfort, would you be interested in that?", the father kinda looked at us and asked a little bit more about what the blessing was and we explained and he said "yes I'd love that"...Elder McCall and I were in shock because we always offer the blessing and a lot of people do accept but not as inviting and this father was, We walked over to his home and he invited us inside. When we got inside we met the mother Rosa, The son Gavin, the daughter Victoria, and the youngest son Noah. They all looked at us a little strange and the father introduced us and we went into the living room, When we got in there we explained how the blessing goes and took down names and questions that they wanted to have in the blessing, THEN I gave the blessing on the home! The spirit was amazing and it was pounding in my chest. After the blessing, we asked them how they felt, they all said a peace came over them and it felt really good, (by this point Elder McCall and I were freaking out inside we were so excited). We asked them If we could come back another time and teach them more about what they have felt tonight. They said yes and we set up a return appointment for Saturday afternoon. After Elder McCall and I left, we were both just jumping with excitement, We found a family!!

Saturday morning came and the entire morning all we could think about was the lesson in the afternoon, I prayed and prayed constantly for the spirit to be present and very strong in the lesson, All morning through studies I was about on the verge of tears just because the spirit was so overwhelming. By the time the lesson came, Elder McCall and I planned to teach them the first lesson and invite them to be baptized at the end. We were extremely nervous! hah, The lesson went amazing, the spirit was radiating throughout the room, we were able to teach the full lesson of the restoration, and at the end we weren't nervous anymore. The Grace family was undoubtedly prepared by the Lord for us. We invited all of them to be baptized, and they all accepted, Dyelen the father, Rosa the mom, Gavin, Victoria, and Noah. they want to prepare for November. I fell completely in love with this family and we get to go back next Saturday and they're feeding us breakfast! The Grace family is amazing, And I know I'm leaving out a lot of detail, but I'm running out a time to email so I just wanted to tell everyone the basics. I can't wait to watch this family progress and progress, until they're ready to be baptized.

I love you all so much! thank you again for all the love and support back home! I'm doing awesome. The weather is amazing and I love California! It's the start of rain season, so it just rains all day, It's awesome hah, I'll write more about the Grace family next week!]

Love Elder Warnick


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