October 13, 2014


Cordelia Fairfield First Area


Elder McCall

Letter dated October 13, 2014

Hey Mom!

Last week was good, and the advice you gave me on how to get along with your companion really helped. I "strived to be tolerant" as much as possible and just prayed for help constantly. Elder McCall makes these little rude comments constantly, has a crappy attitude about everything, takes a 45 minute shower, and is always holding me back 5 or ten minutes on getting out the door on time. So all week I just prayed and prayed for help on being more tolerant and trying to see it from inside their shoes, it helped a lot and we had a few arguments. It was actually yesterday on Sunday it got so bad that he forced us to go outside and talk about it so we didn't have the spirit of contention, we worked it all out and now we're good, I'm just being adaptive I guess.

So this was probably one of my hardest weeks yet, I'm still not use to Elder Call being gone, and so I'm still picking up lessons with people that we normally have but this last week was so busy that I had no time to plan any of the lessons out, or to go see people. So my total numbers I think at the end of the week were really low..I had about 2 lesson from the entire week, and when I had to call and report them to my district leader (Elder Judd) he asked me if we needed help in the area because the numbers were so low. So, I'm still learning! It's a pretty humbling experience! hah

We had Zone Conference and it was amazing! We got to see Meet the Mormons and I was freaking out because they told us a month ago that no missionaries are allowed to go see it, because it's not a proselyting tool. And President Alba was telling us how were not allowed to use it as one, and then randomly he said " Hey why don't we just watch it right now?" and all the missionaries just started going crazy and he hit play and then we just watched it for the rest of zone conference. If any of you haven't seen it, seriously go see it! I loved it, the movie was absolutely amazing.

My investigators are doing pretty good, Kelly we haven't taught in a while because she's been busy getting a job, and she moved out of the area. She now lives in American Canyon and so we might have to pass her off to the missionaries down there, Be she's gonna get baptized we talked to her about it and she's already thinking about getting married in the temple! I love Kelly to death and I'm really excited for her where ever she gets baptized, as long as she gets baptized!

There's this older couple were teaching named the Hollis', Loren and Linda. And at first they weren't progressing at all, but after a few lessons, and watching general conference with them they're getting closer and closer to Christ. Our last lesson she said she's "Starting to see the straight line" and I got pumped haha, Her only issue is she said she doesn't want to stop gambling so she "doesn't want to become a member" because of that reason but we talked about how it's not really a requirement to become a member. I'm gonna study up more on it but I don't want to tell her false stuff so I'm gonna talk to President Alba about it. And Loren ( the husband) doesn't really have any issues at all, He raised his kids with all the morals we already have, he just doesn't want to be pushed into baptism.

So my emails are kinda getting shorter and shorter, but I don't like that so I'll start sharing spiritual thoughts! Because I don't want you guys to be left with just a few stories, so now I'll leave you with some good scriptures to study! So this is in Alma 32:33-43, These verses talk about planting a seed of faith. It talks about how is just planting the seed is enough? No, you need to continue to nourish it and strengthen it so the roots grow and continue to get stronger and stronger til the roots can't be ripped out, but is that enough? No! the roots will die if you stop nourishing it! You have to continue and continue to nourish and help it grow! So reading this I think about "Well how can I grow my faith each day? What are some things I can do to nourish that seed?" In Alma 37:6 it says "Now ye may suppose that this is foolishness in me; but behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise." There are many many things we can do each day to help build and grow that great tree of faith. Prayer is first and most important, Even the smallest prayer can grow your faith in Jesus Christ, Reading your scriptures, a verse a day can help keep the bad thoughts away! All these little things we can do each day with help "Great things come to pass" Continue to grow your faith and the seed till it grows into a tree and you can "pluck the fruits thereof". So that's my thoughts for the week hah. But if you really wanna learn something then go read the actual verses for yourself, the Holy Ghost will teach what it needs too.

I love you all! Thank you for the emails. They make my week!

Love Elder Warnick


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