October 6, 2014


Cordelia Fairfield First Area


Elder McCall

Letter for October 6, 2014

Hi everyone!

This last week was a great and really hard week! I got a new companion and was super super sad to see Elder Call get transferred..My new companion's name is Elder McCall, He's a great missionary, very spiritual, hard worker..some times, and an amazing teacher! I'm learning how to adapt to new companions, It's hard and sometimes super frustrating but I've gotten along with him so far! We sometimes have little bumps but communication helps work out a lot of things, I'm just not use to doing things differently and it can sometimes get on my nerves, Be adaptive right?

So other than that my week was pretty normal, we didn't have any lessons cause all my investigators are out of town, I promise I'll share more about them next week, I'm a little low on time so my email won't be too big. So, after Elder Call left they also took the car and put my area back on bikes. So, now i'm on bikes again, but I actually really really like it. I wanna talk to my president about keeping me on a bike for the rest of my mission.

Later in the week we did service for a guy named Wayne, it was super fun! We did bee keeping, like where you dress up in the suits and go to the beehives and take the sheets full of honey out, I didn't get stung once, and Wayne gave me a free jar of honey..It takes amazing too hah

general conference!!!!!!!
Holy cow I hope all of you watched it! When you're a missionary, General Conference is bigger than the Super Bowl, We get so pumped and excited to receive personal revelation straight from the prophet! I've never been so blown away by all the talks! I loved every single moment of it!

Thank you all for the emails.. It was a pretty normal week. The only interesting thing was Elder McCall's sleep walking. I woke up one night and he was running into the walls and all over the room till he found the bathroom, as soon as he found it he flushed the toilet and went straight to bed, it was really funny hah.

Mom I love you ! Thank you for all your love and support it means a lot to me.. my email was short today cause I've kinda had a hard week and I'm still adjusting...I'm doing fine though, I have a bag and an Ipad again and all I need is that card, thank you for everything I love you

Love Elder Warnick


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