September 22, 2014


Cordelia Fairfield First Area


Elder Call

Letter dated 09/22/2014

Thank you mother for the care package, as well as the Walkers and Tane! I loved it. It was really funny I opened it up and me and Elder Call had no idea what was inside and it was just full of all this awesome stuff, then me and Elder Call found the tie and it was a dang gorgeous tie, and I was so excited to wear it and have it throughout
my mission and then when I read the letter inside I got sad cause mom bought it for Elder Call.. It was really funny actually haha
This week was a great week, had it jam packed full of service each day, we did over ten hours this week and one of the service jobs we did was for coastal clean up, we went to this huge canal and just picked up junk, we found two shopping carts, two bike frames, a could've of
car tires, and a full car tire with brakes and the streaming part in it, and the best find was a motor cycle, it was a complete motorbike from the 80's, Suzuki, totally ceased up and Elder Call and I carried it out, it was tons of fun! I'll send pictures of the prize in an email after this one.
I had a list back at home of the stuff I was gonna write in this email but I forgot it so I'll just tell you what I can remember hah,
We went mountain biking at a park called Rockville park, and it was a lot of fun, we've actually gone twice now and the first time was really scary but the second time we felt way comfortable and did a really hard technical trail and I almost made it through without crashing! It was actually at the very beginning on a switch back that was really narrow I ended up facing straight down the mountain and
both brakes were locked up and just slowing and I went over the handle bars, it was so much fun.
My investigators are amazing! I hope you all liked hearing about them, I love each and everyone of them very dearly, being a missionary is seriously amazing, because your love for everyone is just so much sweeter and stronger, I love you all and I wish I had a spiritual thought to share, but since I don't this week then I'll have a really good one next week to make up for it;) but if you want to have a
really good part of the Book of Mormon to study I'd suggest 2 Nephi chapter 4,5,9 or Alma chapter 5. For 2 Nephi chapter 9 just know it may take a few days to get through hah, if you really wanna get something from it just study hard, I spend a week just on that single chapter
and it is amazing.
Here is my awesome tire I found and motorcycle, hope you enjoy! Go out and do more service it makes you feel good inside hah! Service softens hearts and it makes your mood just that much better, Serve others!

Hey mom thank you very much for the package and shoes, I love them very much haha, also just make sure your keeping $200 on my card.. I'm not using it daily but I kind of ran out of food money so I do use that card when I need urgent stuff haha, anyways love you and miss you very dearly


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