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September 15, 2014 Letter

Hey everyone! These past few weeks I've been doing my emails over my iPad and found out today that a lot of my emails aren't getting sent, and the ones that are, aren't fully sending! Apparently when I write a couple paragraphs it only sends one paragraph and a few pictures, or it just doesn't send at all, so I'm sorry if you thought I forgot to write you back, I promise I'll fix that and I won't email from my iPad anymore haha, but I will rewrite some of the stories I have from the past few weeks because I've got some funny ones.

One of the last Saturdays we did service for the Matt gracias foundation, it's a community service act where we go around picking up trash and just cleaning up the streets. The mission as well as many others is doing a huge push for service, tracking is the most ineffective waist of time, contacting isn't easy, and service just softens peoples hearts and we meet a lot of good people. They're actually having us do at least 10 hours a week which means we spend a lot of time with new people! But anyways we were doing service on last Saturday and we walked down Main Street and just picked up trash and I met a bunch of people, had a few awesome discussions and it worked perfectly! But the best part was when we went to the skate park, it was covered in trash, just everywhere. So me and another elder start picking up trash and the other elder, elder Johnson picked up two zip-lock baggies with brownies in them...we started laughing and assumed they were weed brownies and threw them away and didn't think much about it, sure enough 5 minutes later a skater walks up to me and asked me if I found some brownies, I said yes, sorry I threw them away, and he said it's okay and started to dig threw my trash. So I helped him find the brownies and he just laughed and said thank you dude that's my money right there, I laughed and in my head thought...well at least he's honest! We ended up talking more about skate boarding and how I use to skate and some fun places to go and it actually worked out okay ish , although I don't think the skater is gonna get baptized or anything I at least planted a seed.

Some of you may have seen the video of Elder Gasu slapping me with soap in his hand, there's this on going joke throughout our entire mission where if you fall asleep...your gonna get slapped. It's usually done with powder but they couldn't find anything so they used soap from the bathroom. Elder Call and I were weekly planning, which usually takes 5 hours and I think it was the third hour? Is when I just randomly fell asleep, for the first ten minutes Elder Call filmed me snoring and then went and got Elder Gasu. The thing was I was supposed to be sleeping, I had actually just barely woken up before Elder Gasu hits me with the soap, so he hit me when I was awake, but it was still really funny, we all laughed and I'm just waiting for him to fall asleep now so I get my turn hah.

My investigators!
I'd love to tell you about each of my investigators but for now I'll just tell you my two favorite...I hope that doesn't sound bad haha, they're all my favorite but these two we are working really hard with cause there progressing so fast and getting close to baptism.

Kelly Finnigan, Kelly is a younger lady who is dating a member, how we met Kelly was actually through her boyfriend Josh, we found Josh contacting one day and when we first met him he said "hey I'm really glad I found you guys I've been wanting to get back into church for years, life was just better when I was active in church." Josh has actually been inactive for years, he was a convert at 12 and almost went on a mission at one point but things didn't work out. So me and my companion where like AWESOME! And we helped him get back into church, when he'd come he would bring his girlfriend Kelly, we would pray that they would keep coming and that he would come stronger in the church, Kelly was always on the back of our minds but we didn't plan on teaching her or anything, we just let whatever was gonna happen happen. And last week is when we picked her up as an investigator, one day Josh texted us and said "Kelly's ready to get baptized, she has a lot of questions that I don't have answers to but I've answered all the ones that I can, and she's ready, but I'm passing her along to you guys, my job is done, now it's your turn." When we got that text, Elder Eall just started going crazy he was so excited, I actually didn't know Kelly that well but I guess he's been praying for her for months now, so we had our first lesson with her on the restoration last week and it went awesome, she still has questions and we continue to answer them but basically we're just easing her into it so she doesn't feel overwhelmed. We're hoping to set a date soon but it will all depend on if she feels ready or not, one thing that makes teaching her a whole lot easier is Josh, he bares his testimony very frequently throughout the lessons and expresses so much love for Kelly, all he wants for her is to be baptized in the right church because he knows how much it'll bless her life, he wants the best for her. Seeing Josh and Kelly together makes me kind of excited for married life haha, I wanna have a wife that I love that much and can express it that much, and I know I will hah.

Our next investigator is one of the most amazing guys I've ever met, not evening joking or a little sarcastic. His name is David Macy, David is a 50 year old who has had some insane experiences in his life, actually a story that basically relates to his is Alma, the younger, when he's struck dumb for 3 days and 3 nights and wakes up and fully believes in God. Ya David wasn't struck dumb but he has a lot of experiences where he feels like God forced him to love him because he hated God so much. David is so strong gospel wise it's incredible, he doesn't have a cell phone, tv, or even his own car because he doesn't want anything to distract him from the spirit and what God is trying to teach him. Sometimes he goes on these walks that can last up to an hour, a day, or even a week. And he prays he says just the whole time, he walks to church cause he doesn't want anyone to waste a ride on him and while he walks he basically just meditates and figures out what the spirit is teaching him, and what man is teaching him. It's amazing, and his only concern is being baptized by water, because in the bible it says baptized by the spirit and of water but he doesn't see why we need water, he totally understands the symbolism and everything else, he just doesn't agree on it. After that we just said, well we'll keep studying more about it but we'd like you to pray about it and ask God if this is what you need to do. And he said oh absolutely, God's humbled me many times and I won't even be a little shocked if he humbles me some more, if this is what his answer is then I'll have to accept it. It was awesome actually the first time we met David was the best, we were in his house talking and asking questions and he just says, "you guys can't teach me anything I hope you know that, I have to learn by the spirit." After he said that Elder call and I were like " yep, that's exactly right haha" I love David very much, every time I see him I just want to hug him and tell him how awesome he is haha.

Two more things and then I'm done sorry for the novel hah

Bathroom cleaning
For the past few years at home one of my only chores and really the only one I did was cleaning the bathroom, every week I cleaned and cleaned the bathroom, and if I didn't mom would yell at me for a week until I did clean it. I hated it so much. But the weird thing is every P day when Elder Call asks me what I wanna clean I say bathroom every time haha, so mom I guess when you were yelling at me all those times and wouldn't get off my back about cleaning it, you were preparing me for my mission! Last week after I finished cleaning, Elder Call walks in and said " Woah, this is really really clean" and he's not a very good cleaner so I'm glad I at least know how to clean:) I'd rather have a nice bathroom instead of a dirty one and It's because of my mom pounded it into my head every time I didn't want to clean it or just was to lazy, so thank you for teaching me that:)

Last thing, this is a video that got me through a lot of times in the MTC when I was just too stressed or overwhelmed that I didn't know how to handle it, I spent a lot of time praying and just asking for help. I was originally just gonna share this with two people but it's message is so sweet and simple I thought I should share it with everyone. When I watch this video I think mostly about my little sister Jessica, some how through all the surgeries and struggles of going in and out of the hospital, my little sister Jessica always has a smile on her face, she has a testimony so strong that the couple of times I have heard it it puts me in tears. Her prayers are so sweet and simple I miss hearing them at the dinner table each night, I use her as an example in my life that even when times get hard it's always important to act on faith, "Acting on even a twig of faith allows God to grow it". Friends and family, whatever the struggle just pray.

There are a lot of things you can get from this message but just watch and see what you get out of it, share this message with other and it's simplicity.

There's a really cool story about a missionary in the MTC who at the end of each letter or email he'd write to his mom he'd put the quote " Give me mountains to climb". the reason this missionary would do this is because he knew whatever the challenge, heartache, homesickness, feeling like everything just sucks, he knew he could do it with God. He wanted Heavenly Father to give him trials so that when times got tough he could show god how much faith he has. When I first heard this story I got really excited for trials haha, I wanted God to give me the biggest mountain to climb, so that I could show him how faithful I really can be, it completely changed my attitude. We should all have this attitude in life, not be scared or sad or mad over trials that God has given us, but be excited at the opportunity to show Him how much trust we have in Him. "O Lord, I have trusted in thee, and I will trust in thee forever". 2 Nephi 4:34
yes i got the email about the shoes, and thank you so much mom i love you
I'm so sorry I missed your Birthday by the way!!!!!! Happy Birthday Mom i love you!!!!! Thank you so much for all you do and all the love and support


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