September 8, 2014


Cordelia Fairfield First Area


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September 1 - 7 Letter

One month!

Last Saturday was the one month mark of me being a missionary, I left August 6th and have been happily serving others since, I know it's not that long at's actually still the beginning but it's weird to think I've been gone for a month already, I feel like I left a week
ago! I have no complaints though, I love everything about my mission, it's not fully what I expected because I love it a whole lot more then I thought I would, I learn something new each day that blows my mind and reading my scriptures as a missionary is like reading a completely
new book, it's awesome.
So if you want to send me a care package here's what I'd AF wrestling sweats, my blue and red quicksilver hat, two more short sleeve white shirts, one more full pair of garments, size 32-34? Make sure they say short on them though cause I hate the long ones, my Vivint Rockwell watch, and it should be in one of the boxes in my closet packed away, and...Ecco shoes 9'1/2 hah, I know this email is more of a "I need I need" but yeah..I had my first full walking day cause my bike tire popped and after a day of walking in these crappy shoes my feet hurt so bad I couldn't walk the next morning, they make
my heals really tender but ya haha, also when you have the money I have a really good bike that Elder Gasu wants to sell to me for only $200 which is a really good deal I promise. Love you mom


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