September 1, 2014


Cordelia Fairfield First Area


Elder Call

Last Week of August

My address is 961 Antiquity Fairfield California 94534, the temperature is really nice, it's usually 88 everyday and really really windy, but I'm in the desert so you drive like 10 minutes away and it's 105 and no wind whatsoever, so I'm very fortunate hah, my area is the really
really nice suburbs and there's a beautiful lake right in the middle of all these houses with huge large mouth bass. I've been through three earthquakes, a triple homicide right down the road, and some crazy
wind. California is in this huge drought so it hasn't rained here since April, and they're extremely low on water but they still water their lawns and the wine fields like crazy so it doesn't make sense hah. So there I answered all your questions mom:)
Don't buy me shoes yet, I have a pair out here that the last elder left, but I am gonna buy ones later cause they're really old and uncomfortable, but for now just save your money and I'll tell you whether to just load the money on my card or buy me a pair and send
it. Also for a care package I don't really know what to send me..but I would like maybe 2 more short sleeve shirts and one more pair of garments cause I'm one short

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Dear Elder Warnick,

I didn't know what the pictures of the building were, so I googled the temples and realized that you were at the Oakland Temple. It's crazy to me that you were in the same place that Grandma and Grandpa Eves were just one year earlier. So, I'm assuming that you are able to go do sessions at the temple. That's great. How often do you get to do that? Send me sizes of shirts and garments so that I don't send you the wrong thing. Since you are sending me emails one right after the other I'm going to cross my fingers and hope that you get to this today right now and can answer me back.

Love Mom,
(The former Eves Shimai)

I go to the temple every 3 months

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Mom: What did you think of the Oakland Temple? Is it bigger/smaller or the same size as Mt. Timpanogos Temple?
Elder Warnick: Smaller, and it's absolutely gorgeous like you wouldn't even believe it mom, and the celestial room is amazing, we watch the new film, and it's just an incredible temple, my new favorite for sure
Mom: That's great! I'm so glad that you are in a temple district that you can attend every 3 months. Jenna and Jordan were hear earlier and brought their new dog, Dolly. She is big, but seems well trained. Jenna did not dare let Coco and Dolly play because she is afraid that Dolly will attack Coco. Coco wanted to play so badly. She didn't understand. Here's another question. What are the rules for music in your mission and if you can listen to music on P-day how do you play your music?
Also do you cook your evening meals with you companion or do the members take turns having you over for dinner?
Elder Warnick: The only music we can listen to is motab, the members feed us every night it's awesome, so the only food we buy is breakfast and lunch, and if I have music it's just on here on my iPad
Mom: Good to know. I was thinking about sending you a CD, but it looks like you are already taken care of in that department.
Elder Warnick: Every district goes to the temple every 3 months hah, the whole mission can go there's three different temples, Sacramento,Oakland, and Oregon
Mom: What did Elder Nasu throw on your face? Soap or Whipped Cream? I'm assuming that it was soap because I could tell that you were at the church.
Elder Warnick: Garment size is cotton poly mix, 34-36 waist? And then I remember the lady there said if that's your waist then this is your shirt size, so ask her what shirt size I am.. And then for white short sleeve shirts 16 neck and 33 length?

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It was white foam soap hah! Funny huh?
Yes, It's what elders do to each other.
Mom: At least it made that side of your face clean. Are you doing better staying awake during the day? Are you settling in okay?
Elder Warnick: Oh definitely hah at first I was really homesick and It was just hard but we went on exchanges and then I got really really homesick from my house and now I'm not even homesick at all, I still miss people but I don't wanna leave at all hah, I'm the happiest I've ever been in my whole life, I love it, I sleep fine now too, but if I sit down for too long I get tired. It's just from working all day, I'm so physically and mentally and spiritually drained by the end of each day I just sleep like a baby, and we wake up each morning at 6:30 and go run for half an hour so I'm not gaining any weight see ya mom! Keep writing melody you

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Mom: Glad to hear that. I love you too


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