February 22, 2016


Ukiah Seventh Area


Elder Brown

Ukiah is amazing

Dear mom,

Ukiah is amazing! I love everything about it. The ward, my companion, the city,
and the mountains are amazing. There's even snow on some of the peaks!
And just everything here is awesome.

My new companion, Elder Brown, is incredible with a huge desire to serve
a mission. We've been having a blast working together this past week.
It's also really nice to not be a zone leader anymore. I feel like the
mantel has shifted. I just get to worry about my companion and my
area now. I find myself still praying for those past missionaries
though and thinking about how they're doing even though they're all the
way on the other side of the mission. I'm grateful for the amount of
growth I had in showing love and caring for others. It's nice to relax
though and take a break.

So this is pretty funny but, the Elder Brown I'm with mom, is the cousin
to the Browns in our ward who live just up the street from us. He
knows Morgan Palmer, Gage Whatcott, and a couple others. I even
wrestled with his cousin at AF.

Elder Brown is from Saratoga Springs and went to West Lake High. I'll
send you pictures of me and him, probably not this p day, I'll try but
if not than defiantly next p day. We're going to Fort Bragg to the
beach, we'll probably go to Glass Beach or something. We are in the
Ukiah 1st Ward, which is incredible. The members here are awesome and
feed us super good (I might gain back all that weight I lost in Davis)
and they actually help a lot in finding people for us to teach!

The first day I got into Ukiah, it was 80 than it rained for 2 days
straight. It's been stuck in about the 60's which feels a whole lot
colder haha. The first time I've ever had my window iced over here in
California happened Thursday morning, It feels like I'm almost back

I'm begging president to let me finish my mission here so I don't have
to leave another area and be sad. I want to just finish here and give
it my all. He said he'll think about it. I'm going to continue to beg
him though haha.

My address is
875 south Oak St apt8,
Ukiah, California 95482

By the way if you want to know something cool, the church here was
suppose to be a temple but they decided to put it off for the future.
So, it's just this fairly big stake center with a separate building in
the back that's just a full court gym with showers, locker rooms and a
stage. It's not attached at all to the front building. But since they
wanted it to be a temple and the plans were designed for a temple they
just modified it a little and made this huge gym. In the back, it's a
really nice building. It's just interesting to me, and cool at the
same time, apparently when the church is ready they're going to build a
temple there.

Also I remember the Morgan's! If I'm correct Brother Morgan was the
second councilor in the bishopric and my companion and I made them
cookies. We even made Sister Morgan some gluten free cookies and just gave
them to them as a present. There was one time we came over and their
daughter was there with her husband and they sang a song for us
because they were performing for school the next day. It was really
cool actually. So hopefully I got the right Morgans haha.

That's it for my week, I'm sure I'll have plenty to write you next
week! Love you all

Love Elder Warnick

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