February 15, 2016


Davis Sixth Area


Elder Moua

Last Week of Davis

Hey momma

Oh man it's been a good week! The zone finished strong with 6 baptisms
for the month now and our goal was 8 and we're probably going to hit
it. And......I'm getting transferred!

I got a call Saturday from president and he just said "Elder Warnick
I'm so grateful for your service as a zone leader, but the Lord has a
new assignment for you, I need you to be a trainer. You'll be follow-
up training a missionary in Ukiah" I about freaked out because I was
so excited.The kid I'm follow-up training is named Elder Brown and
he's only been out for 6 weeks. So I'll train him for the last 6 and
hopefully get to stay with him for another one as well.

I'm not a Zone leader anymore. I don't have to worry or stress out
about trying to help these missionaries. I just get to relax and train
my companion and just get back to working as hard as I can. I'm very
grateful for the time I had to serve as a leader though. I learned a
lot about how to love other people and serve them the best
I can. President actually released 6 zone leaders who are some of the
best missionaries in the mission. He just needed a lot of trainers to
help train the new missionaries.

So back to my week. We had a media referral come in for some man named
Moha. We went to see who it was and began to teach the guy and wow,
he's going to get baptized insanely fast. He's from Iran and speaks
Farsi or Persian is another name for it. And he's just the most solid
little gold nugget investigator you could ever pray for. We gave him a
restoration pamphlet and asked him to read through it. So he did. Then,
the next time we met, he gave us an entire blue print of the
restoration and taught it to us and then at the end just asked us if he
was wrong on anything? We looked at him puzzled and just
said......yeah everything you said was correct and he continued to
teach us. Haha it was so cool! He came to church this Sunday and it
was a broadcast conference, and he loved it. Also, they announced that
David a Bednar will be coming to this stake in April and I won't be
here, which I was really sad about. But oh well.

I had to say goodbye to Virat, Harry, Courtney, and a bunch of other
people we were teaching here. It was hard but I know that I'm needed
in Ukiah. I begged president to just leave my in Ukiah for the rest of
my mission and I will work my tail end off. I told him though to
council with the Lord because I'm to scared to do it.

I performed a rap that I made for Davis in FHE last week, I'll
send it too ya. It's just a short clip. The actual video is about 5
minutes long. I wrote the whole thing too haha. Also it's spring time
here. Trees are blossoming all over Davis and allergies are back but
I'm doing fine. It's been high 70's all week and it'll hit 80 today.
The weather here is amazing and just gorgeous. Ukiah is really hot
though and I'm excited haha.

That's it for the week! I'll let you know how Ukiah is next week! Love you mom

Love Elder Warnick

PS, yes I got both packages and on the same day too. The CD's are awesome
I love them especially the primary guitar one. The songs sound really
nice. Happy Valentine's Day Mom! When I get home we'll go do some sessions at the new Provo temple.

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