October 7, 2019


Rochester, New York


Elder Bennett

General conference!

Helllooo everyone,

Hope all of you are doing alright whatever part of the world you are at this time. I'm loving it here in Rochester. This week has been slow as far as teaching goes. But just gives us that much more time to find people. I shouldn't complain since I have a lot more than a lot of other places in the world. There are so many people here that find joy in the simplest of things in life.

It's crazy how saying a simply prayer with someone we don't know can change their day. I love being able to help brighten people's day as a missionary. There's a certain light that radiates with us by being followers of christ that people notice and marvel at what it is.

We know fall is in the air here. It hit us like a bus last week. We had the summer heat with humidity of 90 degrees, then the next day it was 55 degrees and raining. The weather sure has a sense of humor it is flipping the switch from summer to fall over night. Everyone here keeps telling me it gets cold here in the winter so we'll see what happens.

In the Saturday sessions of general conference I heard a reoccurring phrase " enduring joy" I know that thinking outward and helping others brings this enduring joy into my life! I love the Lord! I know each one of you can experience this eternal joy as you do so as well. The times where I may struggle out here are so easy to get out of. All I've had to do is stop thinking of people and turn to the people around me, only then does happiness overwhelm me and forget about my problems.

Here are one of my favorite impressions from general conference. The joy we feel as saints emulates the joy that comes form becoming Christ-like. God sees joy fully and eternally, he's able to show us this through his commandments which enable us to feel his love for us. Joy comes from over coming weakness and seeing your growth. The ultimate cause of our joy as Saints comes through Jesus Christ pleading for our cause and carrying our burdens.

I love each of you so much, even if you haven't heard from you recently!!

Picture 1: my companion and I downtown.
Picture 2: downtown


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