September 12, 2017


Chile Osorno Mission


Elder Valverde

Semana uno en el campo (Week One in the field)

Mom Note: I am including a portion of the brief message Jarod sent to me " Chile is well... cold, but I love it here lots of beautiful views and love the people plenty of dogs to remind me of Sugar ray. If its not too much to ask could you send me a pic of sugar ray i really miss that bugger" You gotta love the boy who loves his dog.

Wow this has definitely been the craziest weeks of my life holy guacamole.
So to sum it up On my travels to chile I was on my first flight form 7 pm in mexico to 6:45 am in chile santiago. Me and Elder Menden both taught a jewish lady on that plane it was cool gave her the plan of salvation pamphlet. Then we had a 8 Hour layover and while there I had a chance to talk to my parence on the phone (after about 8 tries hahaha.) Then on the 2 hour flight to Osorno I taught a little six year old girl how to count to twenty in english then about the articles of faith. It was cool. Finially since being in the feild and meeting my compañero He is Elder Valverde he is from Peru but lived in Santiago, Chile for 17 years. He is super funny and short and I love him. He is A great trainer always working hard! we have tracked, and taught less active members. and an investigator Gorge he is just about the most ready as anyone for baptism he has studied and knows so much about the gospel and he is awesome. he will be baptised in december if he quits smoking he is doing way good. I live in this little tiny house with 4 rooms. 1 bedroom, bathroom, room for all our stuff, and kitchen/study room. Its nice and cozy. The one problem is that for the first 2 night we didnt have a combustion/furnace for the first two days and we had to figure out the contract for our house in the first couple days. Got that figured out and got to go to this island where the renter lived. Beautiful. Other than that im just trying to understand as much spanish as I can. The spirit is strong here and I am loving it!
Scriptures for the day are chapter 7 and 10 in Alma!
Keep praying and studying the Gospel I love you all!
CHow Chow. (they say this alot here)


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