August 3, 2017


Mexico City MTC


Elder Menden

Week 1 in CCM

This week has been a roller coaster like oh my gosh! But it has been the best week of my life! Thank you so much for all the support and prayers! The first full day in the mtc was so stressful but the amazing thing here is that I am constantly feeling the spirit! I feel like im actually learning like spanish and I am speaking it pretty much half the time. It is weird that is is getting harder to speaking english i love it! but besides that My companion Elder Menden is the bomb he is from San Francisco he loves surfing, Singing, volleyball, and the Gospel. We get along so great and im so happy. The food is the bomb but I have to slow down a bit because ive already gained 5 pounds 😂. So on the first day we met our first teacher Hermano Chavez. He is literally the most spiritual guy and I love his so much! He always brings the spirit into the lessons. We are his first missionarys he has started teaching. He is Four months off his mission. The first day was super frusterating because everyone was speaking spanish and I didnt know any! My most spiritual experience though was when I Taught my first lesson with our pretend investigator Paulina. We taught her about prayer and she was super patient with me and my companion but I felt the spirit so strong I dont know what it is about spanish but it makes me feel the spirit more! So by now we have taught about 8 lessons with here but unfortunatly yesterday was our last leccion with her. Yesterday I was reading in my scriptures and I found the best chapter ever! Alma 32. It talks all about faith and It has helped me alot this week. The MTC President here is the Bomb Presindent Bennet. He just loves us all so much and I always see him smiling all day long. Im so glad to get to hear from everyone and This has been so fun so far! I just want you all to know that God does love you and If you ever need help prayer (oracion) really works! Thanks for all the prayers again. I love you all


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