February 11, 2019


Rio Negro, Chile


Elder Bird

Hello todos!

This week was pretty great and we were able to do lots of things.

1. We had Zone Conference and interviews with Presidente and Hermana Isom. They are the best. They talked a lot about how we need to be happy always as missionaries even though usually it is pretty difficult. But that God will really help us, especially when we are First, Obedient to all the commandments and all the mission Rules. Second, If we read the Book of Mormon every day, Ponder on what we read, and Pray to confirm what we learn through the Holy Ghost, we will always know what to do and be happier. But God knows nobody can be perfect so he gave His son and other servants to help us along the way!

2. We had divisions with the Elders Zambrano and Bautista, so I could be with one of my first companions and we took some nice pictures of a puppy dog we saw.
We called him Lucky or Suerte in Spanish.

3. The Spanish and the cooking skill of my companion continue to improve phenomenally. We made some spaghetti for lunch on Sunday with ground beef, sausage and tomato sauce... yummmmm

4. This week we have a goal to give a lot of people ice cream this week. Since I know that it is nice and chilly where you all are, I invite you to give somebody hot chocolate this week! I promise you will make somebody's day!

I just want you all to know that I love you all and that I truly know that the Bible is the word of God and is given us as evidence of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and that we are blessed with the Book of Mormon and many other revelations in these last days as more evidence of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ so that we are even more sure that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is Christ's Church. Have a wonderful week y'all.

Scripture for the week: Alma 50:23
Your favorite missionary -Elder Jarod Stirling


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