December 17, 2018


Rio Negro, Chile


Elder Flora

Merry (almost) Christmas

Hey y'all, This week was super great and we were able to make the most of the wonderful, warm weather we are having right now. We are also taking advantage of the Spirit of Christmas. They don't have nearly as many lights and decorations and stuff as in the states, but everybody is very Merry!

1. This week we had a bit of service and helped chop down a little "Forest" of weeds outside the house of a member and she was so grateful and gave us some cookies for it (jaja).

2. We also were having lunch with a brother from the ward, and he told us some of the stories that he had during his mission. He was telling us of an experience where they were able to invite a contact to be baptized and they accepted and were baptized. We decided to try and talk more about baptism and we had a contact where he told us that he would love to be baptized but says he doesn't think he will be ready until about February! It was actually pretty cool because he was seriously touched by the Spirit I think.

3. We have been practicing a lot singing the Christmas hymns and I have also been practicing playing on piano them as well so that the next Sunday I can play them well! Really though the music that is in the hymn book is so great because it seriously calls the Spirit so quickly!
I know that everybody needs to find and be blessed by the Gospel of Christ and that everyone can know the truthfulness of this Gospel through the Holy Ghost. I hope you all make sure you can have the spirit with you always and that during this time of Christmas we Focus on the First 6 letters. Because Only through CHRIST we can have true Joy.
Love you all and have a wonderful week!!! CHOW HASTA SEMANA!
Your favorite missionary -Elder Jarod Stirling


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