November 12, 2018


Rio Negro, Chile


Elder Flora

Hey y'all

How is everyone doing this fine Monday afternoon. Really has been a quick great week down here!

1. The week started off a bit ruff because one of the members of our branch had to go to the hospital from the chapel on Sunday and we went to see him and give him a blessing. But with all the prayers from the members and people in our city he is receiving many, many miracles and it is awesome. His name is Brigham.

2. Also this week we were able to invite an investigator who is 13 years old and another investigator who is 93 years old to be baptized. They both had problems where there family isn't allowing it for now but I believe in miracles, so they will have the opportunity in the future!

3. This week we were talking with an investigator because we hadn't seen her in more than a week and she told us that she had been reading the Book of Mormon with her son and it made us so dang happy because we hadn't been able to remind her or anything. It especially made my companion super excited!

4. Other than that I was able to read a talk from the Conference of April 2017 by Quinten L. Cook and it is way good. You should all read it!

Other than that Hope you all have a wonderful Week Love you all!

Hasta luego CHOW

Scripture for the week: 2nd Nefi 25:20

Your favorite missionary -Elder Jarod Stirling


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