September 10, 2018


Valdivia, Calle Calle


Elder Avilés!

Bringin´ home the bacon

Hey y'all. How is everybody doing this week!? This week was pretty full and we were able to hear from one of the Seventy.

1. This week on Tuesday, one of the members of our ward asked our help to kill a few of his pigs because his family was all sick. So we helped clean 'em up afterwards. It was actually what we had for lunch yesterday with them.
2. A Haitian that the sisters had been teaching moved to our sector this week so we will now be teaching her. She is so so so excited for her baptism this week and really really wants to pay her tithing, but she can't until after she is baptized. Her name is Simone.
3. This week was Stake Conference so we had the blessing of receiving a visit from the seventy Elder Pedro Sanhueza. During the Adult session on Saturday night he talked about the "work of salvation in the ward and stake". He based his talk on Preach my Gospel chapter 13 and Manual 2 Chapter 5. I urge you all to read those two things because really all of us are part of the work of the Lord.
4. This week I was studying in Mormon Chapter 9 and It really, really stood out to me the verses 8 - 10. Because it is so important that we can comprehend the scriptures because that way our testimony can be even more strengthened when we receive the witness of the Holy Ghost. I know that this is true and that I promise that you should all strengthen your testimony every single day. I love you all!
CHOW Hasta Semana!
Your favorite missionary -Elder Jarod Stirling


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