May 21, 2018


Valdivia, Calle Calle


Elder Bautista

Hey family!

I just want to tell you all that I love you all so very much! This week was awesome! Said goodbye to a few people in my old sector and met up with my new companion and we have been working hard over there. We have a ton of new investigators, a couple recent converts, and a few with baptismal dates so we are very, very excited and running like Forest Gump haha. But my new companion, Elder Bautista, is from Guatemala and is the youngest of 7 kids he was adopted like me. But,all of his siblings are wayyyy older than him. So his neices and nephews are more like his brothers and sisters haha. But yeah. He is super dope and I love him. I am doing super good just making the most of our time. Now I would like to share a little experience I had when we were tracting.

So we were having a pretty good day, but the majority of our appointments were falling through so we decided to start tracting. We gave out a few pass along cards, but nothin'. So we decided to contact one more before we headed to another part of the sector. We knocked on his door and he opened it and said, "Please come on in Elders, I was was waiting for you!" Then we went in and he began to tell us that he had been going through some hard times and that he has come to know that the Catholic church, "His Church" isn't true anymore. And that he was searching for the true religion. And when we were teaching him, it was just amazing to understand God's timing because it is real. I know we were sent to his door at exactly the right moment. I want to share my testimony that I know that this Church is true. The Lord, Jesus Christ, is our Savior and he loves us all! I know that he died for all of us and that we can get to know him more and more every day.
Keep praying! Keep reading! Keep choosing the right! I LOVE YOU ALL
Your favorite missionary -Elder Jarod Stirling


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