April 30, 2018


Valdivia, Rio Cruzes


Elder Suárez

Howdy Fam

First to start off, I just want you all to know that I love you all so very much. This week was fantastic and the highlight of the week was on Tuesday night when we went to visit Hugo. He will be baptized on Cinco de Mayo. So we planned to see him and review the Law of Chastity and Word of Wisdom. So we got to his house and it was all chill. He was reading the Book of Mormon and praying and went to Stake Conference this last week. And we decided to change our lesson plan and did a practice of the baptism interview and it went absolutely great. When we talked about the Word of Wisdom he told us that he went to the store and bought cigarettes for the first time but told us that if God doesn't want him to smoke then they are going in the trash. It is absolutely amazing to see the changes in him and how he shows us his testimony.

As I mentioned, we had Stake Conference this week and one of the Central Topics was Family History and it was seriously amazing to hear many, many stories there are about the marvelous work of family history. One of the facts that I heard is that since Indexing first began in 2006 the members and non members working in this area have handled more than 1.6 million documents but the church has Billions of Documents that need to be indexed and guess what!? Everyone has been called to serve in this work and I challenge all of you to spend 5 minutes to index every week at least if not 5 minutes every day. You have the opportunity to serve the millions or Billions of souls waiting on the other side of the veil for their work to be done!

I testify that this work is true and that you all are Children of God . Keep making good decisions and saying your prayers. God wants to hear from you all. LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH CHOW HASTA SEMANA​
Your favorite missionary -Elder Jarod Stirling


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