March 12, 2018


Valdivia, Rio Cruzes


Elder Suárez

Hola!!!!! ¿¡como Esta!?

Hey family first off I just want to say that this week was super great but as always but a little more than normal super duper fast!!!! First on for the recap. My wonderful companion really loves to make pancakes and this week he made me some with some strawberries and it made me super happy! Second on Lunes (Monday) I bought myself a basketball to use on lunes (p-day) and also on Saturday when the ward has deportes (sports). We then had an intercambio (exchange) with Elder Brighton and with Elder Price (from my group) and me and Elder Price were feeling super good, found lots of super duper good future investigators and he is doing really good working hard and everything. Now for my favorite 2 things from this week.

On Viernes (Friday) we had an activity in the ward to watch the Disney movie COCO (we as missionaries couldn't watch it but we set it up and everything) but before that we had a lesson with an "ancient" investigator (used to investigate the church) and she and her son of about 25 years really were interested again to listen to the lessons and we are super excited to teach them. And they are super excited to listen and everything. Finally this week I learned a really good lesson... when I was in the bathroom. Normally I just go and don't worry about anything, but I decided to read an Ensign and found an answer to a question that I had been searching for for a while. And it was just a wonderful not necessarily sign but reminder that our time is very, very valuable because especially right now for me it isn't my time it's the Lords time. And I promise all of you if you edify your time you will all notice the blessings that I am feeling right now! I love you all, and have a great week!


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